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Safe Zone for Faculty and Staff


        Safe Zone was created several years ago to raise awareness and increase understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBTQ) individuals in the Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) community. Safe Zone also seeks ways to bring its message to the larger Fort Wayne and northeast Indiana community.
        Safe Zone workshops invite IPFW staff and faculty members to explore the history, language and symbols of the LGBTQ movement, examine homophobia in its larger social and human rights context and help straight colleagues become allies and advocates for the LGBTQ co-workers, family, friends and neighbors.
        Safe Zone also organizes and sponsors public events around LGBTQ issues designed to start discussions and increase understanding of the personal, social and civil rights challenges facing the LGBTQ community.
        Safe Zone for Faculty and Staff also collaborates with the Safe Zone for Students  program to offer training programs that help IPFW students become more sensitive to the challenges facing their LGBTQ classmates and friends, and to become effective allies.
         Faculty and staff members who complete both workshops are asked to sign a pledge to be sensitive and nurturing to students struggling with sexual orientation or sexual identity issues. Each faculty or staff member who completes the workshops will also receive a Safe Zone door plaque that signals to students that the staff/faculty members who display the plaques are open and accepting to LGBTQ students.

"I attended both workshops. And I am happy to report that I had a wonderful opportunity to utilize skills learned in the workshop with a student. It was a remarkable experience for me, and I was so happy to have done the workshop. Although I consider myself in a category of people who understand, embrace and even celebrate the qualities that make us each wonderful and different, I was able to have a better understanding of how to support a student who was in a personal crisis - and to support them effectively - something I would have done differently and probably not as well before taking part in Safe Zone."

                               Victoria Zischke, Assistant Professor of Theatre

Safe Zone Graduate - Spring 2011


Fall 2014 Safe Zone Workshops:

Stay tuned for information on Safe Zone at IPFW fall workshops

for faculty and staff.

For more information or to register for a workshop, contact Julie Creek at 481-4140 or  


Almost 150 IPFW faculty and staff members have completed Safe Zone workshops and have pledged to nurture and support the needs of LGBTQ students. They are:

  • Ali Alavizadeh, Engineering Technology
  • Reuben Albaugh, Special Events
  • Susan Alderman, University Relations
  • Sasha Allgayer, Communication
  • Liane Ambrose, Special Events
  • Stephen Amundson, CASA
  • Irene Anders, English and Linguistics
  • Greg Anderson, Health and Human Services
  • Patrick Ashton, Sociology
  • Janet Badia, Women’s Studies
  • Lydia Bates, ODMA-Upward Bound
  • Janet Bell, Legal Services
  • Nathanial Bickel, Military Student Services
  • Noor O’Neill Borbieva, Anthropology
  • Randi Boyd, Communication
  • Christopher Bradley, Sociology
  • Bob Brewer, MAP Center
  • Bill Bruening, Philosophy
  • Talia Bugel, International Language and Culture Studies
  • Bernd Buldt, Philosophy
  • Bruce Busby, AVC, Academic Success Center
  • Jessica Butler, Alumni Relations
  • Ashley Calderon, Career Services
  • Karen Campbell, Career Services
  • Ken Christmon, AVC, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
  • Dianne Clark, Math
  • Ron Clark, Athletics
  • Vaughn Cobb, International Language and Culture Studies
  • Carol Coffee, Human Resources
  • Maria Conforti, International Language & Culture Studies
  • Deb Conklin, Continuing Studies
  • Adolfo Coronado, Engineering, Technology and Computer Science
  • Rose Costello, Human Resources
  • Krissy Creager, Student Life
  • Julie Creek, Center for Women and Returning Adults
  • Mark Crouch, Labor Studies
  • Ben Dattilo, Geosciences
  • Jeannie DiClementi, Psychology
  • Melissa Dietrich, Communication
  • Rachel Dirig, School of Education
  • Marcia Dixson, Communication
  • Julie Dominguez, Institutional Equity
  • Joleen Downs, CASA
  • Carl Drummond, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Kerrie Fineran, Counseling Center
  • Linda Finke, Health & Human Services
  • Cindy Firestine, Upward Bound
  • Christine Freeman, Music
  • Kristine Frye, MAC
  • Marietta Frye, MAC
  • Keli Funk, Alumni Relations
  • Cheryl Gardiner, Communication
  • Shelly Gilliland, Sociology
  • Regina Gordon, TRiO Student Services
  • Jeff Govenale, Philosophy
  • Tina Grady, Human Resources
  • Robin Grissom, Communication
  • Judy Harris, Continuing Education
  • Tim Heffron, Athletics
  • Melissa Helmsing, Human Resources
  • Rachel Hile, English and Linguistics
  • Craig Hill, Psychology
  • Cheryl Hine, Registrar’s Office
  • Linda Hite, Organizational Leadership and Supervision
  • Alison Hoff Rynearson, Mastodon Advising Center
  • Deb Hoile, Philosophy
  • Jennifer Horrom, Purchasing
  • Garien Hudson, Admissions
  • Susan Humphrey, Admissions
  • Beth Iserman, Continuing Studies
  • Zeynep Isik-Ercan, Education
  • Solomon Isiorho, Geosciences
  • Brian Johnson, Dental Education
  • Buck Jordan, TRiO Student Services
  • Alice Jordan-Miles, Health and Human Services
  • Michelle Kearl, Communication
  • Katrina Kessler, Nursing
  • Shubitha Kever, TRiO Upward Bound
  • Ashley Kilgore, Career Services
  • Heather Krull, Nursing
  • Christine Kuznar, MAP Center
  • Rachel Landis, Career Services
  • Thomas Landis, Student Life
  • Gary Lanier, Visual and Performing Arts
  • John LaMaster, Mathematical Sciences
  • Suzanne LaVere, History
  • Susan Lehman, Financial Aid
  • Mary Lehto, Mastodon Advising Center
  • Karen Lenfestey, TRiO-Student Services
  • Ron Lewis, Upward Bound
  • Teri Luce, English and Linguistics
  • Debra Lyons, Chemistry
  • Jessica Mankey, Communication
  • Christina Marcuccilli, Institutional Equity
  • Jordan Marshall, Biology
  • Qondile Mbenge, Walb Special Events
  • Penny McLorg, Gerontology
  • Sandy McMurtrie, General Studies
  • Rhonda Meriwether, Academic Success Center
  • Liz Merkler, Registrar's Office
  • Sandy Michels, MAC
  • Julie Miller, Special Events
  • Sydney Miracle, Nursing
  • Jessica Montalvo-Anderson, TRiO-Upward Bound
  • Duston Moore, Philosophy
  • Marilyn Morgan, Sociology
  • Christina Mosteller Hall, Career Services
  • Robin Newman, Dean of Students Office
  • Tanja Nihiser, Center for Social Research
  • Mary Nixon, ITS
  • Eric Norman, Dean of Students
  • Julie Nothnagel, Testing Services
  • Kris Ohneck, Admissions
  • Craig Ortsey, Political Science
  • Matt Ostermeyer, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Elizabeth Overhauser, Library
  • Brooke Pratt, Dental Education
  • Rachel Rayburn, Public Policy
  • Mary Remenschneider, Admissions
  • Sharon Roberts, IU School of Medicine
  • Jody Ross, Psychology
  • Julie Schrader, Services for Students with Disabilities
  • Robert Schroeder, Fine Arts
  • David Schuster, History
  • Abraham Schwab, Philosophy
  • Linda Sickman, Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • Lidija Situm, Counseling Center
  • Dimples Smith, Human Resources
  • Aaron Stephens, Military Student Services
  • Tina Sullivan, Human Resources
  • Terri Swim, Education
  • Linda Symington, Women’s Studies
  • Dan Tamul, Communication
  • Diane Taub, Sociology
  • Louise Teague, University Relations
  • Clarence Tennis, Geosciences
  • Deborah Thorpe-Rodda, Continuing Studies
  • Tom Tiemon, Housing
  • Mary Jo Todoran, Student Assistance Program
  • Charles Totten, English & Linguistics
  • Marcus Tulley, Building Services
  • Bart Tyner, University Relations
  • James Velez, Student Life
  • Lesa Vartanian, Psychology
  • Jo Vaughan, Military Student Services
  • Kimberly Wagner, Chancellor's Office
  • Linda Wark, Human Services
  • Lane Westerfield, Admissions
  • Mark Whinery, Continuing Studies
  • Kathy Whitcraft, Communication
  • Geoffrey Wladecki, Graduate Student, Communication
  • Corrie Wright, Mastodon Advising Center
  • David Young, Psychology
  • Jorge Zazueta, Doermer School of Business
  • Victoria Zischke, Theater

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