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Graduation Application and Requirements

Apply for Graduation and Graduation Audit

To be added to the Commencement student list, make sure that you have applied to graduate and that your transcripts have been audited.

IPFW relies on the Graduation Application to know which semester a student intends to complete degree requirements. Completion of the application ensures that transcripts are audited in a timely fashion, enough time is available to correct any discrepancies, and the administrative processes which transform a student to graduate are triggered. Application deadlines are:

November 1 for May graduates
February 1 for Summer graduates
June 1 for December graduates

All student transcripts are audited, traditionally prior to a student's final semester, to ensure the student and the university agree that all degree requirements are met.

If you missed your deadline, apply now.

Verify Your Name for Your Diploma and Commencement Program

Your name (first, middle/maiden, and last, as provided upon admission to the University) will appear on your diploma and in the commencement program copy.

Be sure to verify your name for diploma and program copy. If you need to check to see how your name will appear, attend the Graduation Fair (February 27th and February 28th) outside the Bookstore (Walb) Second Floor entrance or contact the Office of the Registrar.

Changes in your name must be done in person at the Enrollment Services desk in the Kettler Hall first floor lobby. A photo ID and supporting documents (example: original marriage license or divorce decree) will be required for any changes. Diplomas for May 2018 graduates are ordered on March 16 so all changes must be made by this date.

Settle Your Account

Your student account must be settled and cleared with the university before your diploma or transcripts will be released.  This includes paying any outstanding balances such as tuition, parking, library fines, etc. Check with the Office of the Bursar, Kettler Hall G57 to be sure you have financial clearance or go to myIPFW and review "Holds" under student records and your account summary.

Update Your Address

Don't forget to update your address. This can be done on myIPFW or in person at the Enrollment Services desk in the Kettler first-floor lobby. A photo ID will be required if you are making changes in person. By informing us of any changes to your mailing address, you will be sure that university information will get to you promptly.

Student Loan Exit Requirements

Federal regulations require IPFW to perform exit interviews with students who received any Federal Stafford Loans or Perkins Loans during their studies at the university. View the Office of Financial Aid website for specific information.

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