Academic Ceremonies

Honor degree candidates who participate in Commencement wear honor cords and receive special recognition during the ceremony. Students eligible to wear a cord will be notified by mail. Honor students may keep the cord as a memento.

Associate and bachelor degree candidates qualify for graduation with honors, distinction or highest distinction, by meeting the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree candidates must have a minimum of 65 resident credits included in graduation GPA; associate degree candidates must have a minimum of 35 resident credits.
  • In each division or school, the minimum graduation GPA for highest distinction must be 3.80, but never less than the 97th percentile. The minimum graduation GPA for distinction must be 3.50, but never less than the 90th percentile. Associate degree candidates are calculated separately from bachelor's degree candidates using the same requirements.
  • The required GPA, calculated each spring as outlined above, also applies to degrees for the following summer sessions and fall semester.

For additional information, please contact the Academic Ceremonies office at 260–481–6460.


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