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Chapman Scholars Program


2012 Freshman Chapman2012 Summit Scholars
Left to Right: Dr. Coussement, Kelsie Carlson, Brenna Sherwood, Janelle Moorman, Kassandre
Yenser, Brandon Henry, and Laurie Bell following the 2012 Freshmen Etiquette Dinner.

To be eligible for the Chapman Scholars Program, you must...

  • Submit your application to IPFW by December 15

  • Fulfill the requirements for a college preparatory curriculum or, for Indiana students, an Academic Honors or Core 40 Diploma

  • Have an SAT score of 1950 or ACT of 29 and class rank of top 5 percent or an SAT of 2100 or ACT of 32 without consideration of class rank

  • Be invited to take part in the Summit Scholars Competition

  • Submit your Summit Scholars application by January 24,2014.

  • Participate in the Summit Scholars Competition