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Update: State Budget Rescission

Vicky Carwein, August 2014

Dear Campus Community,

Yesterday we were asked by Purdue to provide to the System budget office today an outline and the impact of the mid-year rescission we have been directed by Governor Pence to implement. Our required 2% budget reduction results in $825,000 of our current year's state appropriation.

Based on information provided by our campus financial affairs staff and applying the principles utilized during last year's budget reduction, the Vice Chancellors and I met this morning to develop a preliminary plan. The following has been forwarded to West Lafayette:

Savings from the 2013–14

  • State Allocation Fiscal system conversion: $50,000
  • IT Services: $50,000
  • Uncommitted TAP funds: $165,000
  • Unfilled positions*: $258,000
  • Contingency funds: $302,000
  • Total: $825,000

*Searches already authorized, including all faculty searches authorized, will not be affected.

I am pleased we have been able to make this reduction without an immediate and direct impact on people, programs and services. However, it is important to note that these cuts considerably impinge on our ability to be flexible and respond to emerging challenges and opportunities.