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Realignment Update: Ancillary Agreements

Vicky Carwein, August 14, 2017

Dear Campus Community,

The planning phase of the realignment which began in December 2016 has now been completed with the adoption of the ancillary agreements by the Purdue and Indiana University Boards of Trustees at their June 2017 meetings.  These agreements are designed to further clarify the Agreement and Plan of Realignment for Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne (the “Realignment Agreement”) that was adopted by the trustees in December 2016 and put into place the mechanisms necessary to begin implementation of realignment. A number of steps have been and will be taken to ensure that all necessary elements for a successful transition are addressed to the satisfaction of both Boards.

A Joint IPFW Realignment Steering Committee was formed with representatives from IPFW, Purdue and IU, to oversee and organize the work of transition. At the first meeting of the steering committee in late February, the members agreed to establish small “tiger teams” (teams to focus on specific tasks and deliverables) to begin drafting the ancillary legal agreements that were presented to the Purdue and IU Boards of Trustees and subsequently approved at their June meetings. In addition, five teams, with representatives from IPFW, Purdue West Lafayette and IU, were formed to focus specifically on the short-term task of developing term sheets and draft agreements in the following areas:

  • Program Transfer focused on assets and people
  • Service Course Offerings focused on IU students taking courses from Purdue
  • Lease Agreement(s) focused on space and facilities
  • Student Services focused on the seamless student experience
  • Employee Services focused on services to faculty and staff

While the ancillary agreements were approved by the Boards of Trustees in June, the effective date of realignment will not be until July 1, 2018. This provides a transition period of one year to allow the work associated with realignment to be completed. Additionally, following approval of the ancillary agreements, the university submitted the Application for Institutional Change in Organization to the Higher Learning Commission.

In planning for the transition, and the many operational considerations that accompany it, the steering committee also formed a number of working groups, designed to address issues across a wide range of areas. These working groups, comprised of faculty and staff from IPFW, Purdue and IU, have identified issues associated with the transition and developed plans for how these will be addressed in future collaborations between IU and Purdue, both during the 2017-2018 transition year and thereafter. 

The working groups are now transitioning to the implementation phase which will continue through June 2018.  They will be focusing on the following areas:

  • Academic Policies and Transitions
  • Student Services and Systems
  • Alumni and Foundation
  • Facilities
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Communication

A “Purdue Fort Wayne Transition Team,” comprised of the campus leads of the above working groups, plus representatives from other key departments, will ensure that appropriate issues specific to Purdue Fort Wayne are being addressed to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. This group will begin meeting next month.

Detailed information about realignment can be found at the following website:

Vicky L. Carwein