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An Open Letter to Our Community

To our students, parents, community and region,

A number of questions have been asked in response to the study “IPFW Roles and Governance”, commissioned by the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, the results of which were released on August 14. Consultants from Policy Analytics, LLC conducted the study and made a number of recommendations related to IPFW’s involvement in the Fort Wayne community and region, modifications in the State’s funding metrics to better support our students and overall governing authority. We appreciate the work of the study in bringing important issues forward for consideration.

As you may have heard or read, the consultants recommended changing IPFW’s governing authority from Purdue University to Indiana University. No recommendations were made, nor were any considered, to discontinue ANY degree or program offering by either IU or Purdue. We will continue to offer degrees from both IU and Purdue as we have for the past 50 years. The results of the study made clear the importance and value of degrees from both institutions to our students, parents, community, and alumni. Our students, faculty and staff have also consistently and continuously voiced their strong support for offering programs of both universities and the valuable roles these two powerhouse institutions play in meeting the higher education needs of northeast Indiana.

Who should govern IPFW is a question that has been discussed and debated for many years. Be assured that IPFW’s number one goal has always been and remains the success of our students and providing them with the highest quality IU and Purdue degrees possible. We will continue to work with both Indiana University and Purdue University in any capacity that allows us to achieve that goal and realize our mission of serving the region.

Plan 2020, IPFW’s 2014-2020 strategic plan for the next six years, was just completed this summer. To achieve the goals of the plan a process was initiated at the same time to assure that our resources are aligned with our priorities. This plan clearly lays out the path we will travel over the next six years to strengthen our campus and position it for an even more successful next 50 years. I am very excited about the new initiatives outlined in this plan, such as a re-designed and expanded Honors Program, and the opportunities they will provide to our current and future students.

In order to more fully achieve our goals we will continue our longstanding advocacy of expanded autonomy to offer graduate degree programs, a campus designation that recognizes our unique status as the only campus in the state and region which equally offers degrees from two of our nation’s finest universities, substantive increase in our base funding as well as changes in other funding metrics, and collaborations that result in tangible academic and economic benefits for northeast Indiana.

Regardless of whether Indiana or Purdue is the managing university going forward, we remain steadfast and committed to offering students an outstanding educational experience in northeast Indiana. We look forward to the next 50 years!

Please feel free to contact me at with questions you may have.

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