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2/22/10 Documenting your Teaching with an Online Course Portfolio

Using a one page guide to creating a course portfolio (PDF), Gail Rathbun guided participants through the creation of a course portfolio, using the Carnegie Foundation's KEEP (Knowledge Exchange Exhibition Presentation) Toolkit, now available in the web site. Examples and links are available in this PowerPoint presentation, available here in .pdf format.

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2/23/09 Effective Practices in Handling Difficult Classroom Behaviors

This 12 O’clock Scholars Brown Bag Series was led by Robin Newman, Associate Dean of Students. Robin went over the Tips for Avoiding or Handling Difficult Student Situations handout (PDF). Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) also distributed copies of this semester's first weekly teaching tip about handling difficult behaviors (PDF).

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2/16/09 Improving your Online Course with Quality Matters™ Design Guidelines

Led by Lesa Vartanian, PSY, and Gail Rathbun, CELT, this workshop distributed these Online Course Design Guidelines (PDF) (based on the Quality Matters Rubric)

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1/30/09 Working with Digital Images for the Classroom and the Web

Sam Birk, CELT, utilized "Moving Theory into Practice Digital Imaging Tutorial" from the library website at Cornell University for this workshop.

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1/16/09 Overview of Instructional Technologies at IPFW

Sam Birk, CELT and Scott Vitz, ITS provided an overview of a variety of instructional technologies. Handouts (PDF) included a chart of the software available, examples of what it can be used for, and how to get access to the software. Another handout presented Seven Principles for Good Practice in Web-Enhanced Courses (PDF).

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10/8/08 Tips for Making Lectures More Active

IUPUI's Megan Palmer, Director of Faculty Advancement in the Health Professions covered a variety of topics related to lecturing as a teaching strategy: research on its pros and cons for learning; how to be a better speaker; and effective strategies. Attendees shared a wealth of their own useful ideas. She provided a handout listing her tips for making lectures more active (PDF), as well as an article on using Powerpoint.

Megan made extensive use of the book "What's the use of Lecture?" by Donald Bligh. CELT has two copies of this book in the CELT Library.

CELT offers resources under its Teaching Resources>Teaching Tips and Strategies and "50 Ways to Leave Your Lectern" by Connie Staley, in the CELT Library.

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9/23/08 Effective Practices in Online Teaching 12 O'clock Scholars Brown Bag Discussion

Facilitated by Jennifer Caseldine-Bracht, Philosophy

Jennifer shared her experience with using the Quality Matters™ rubric to identify ways in which she could strengthen her online teaching and improve student learning outcomes. Her outline, presentation notes, and effective practices can be found in this PowerPoint presentation (PDF). In addition, CELT offers for download the Quality Matters™ rubric (PDF). She also made us aware of a web site that can be used to check for the usability of a web site by disabled students.

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9/26/08 Improve Student Learning with Classroom Assessment Techniques

Facilitated by Linda Lolkus, Consumer and Family Sciences

Classroom Assessment Techniques range from simple to complex strategies to engage students while collecting feedback on their learning. CATs may be effectively used in a variety of classroom settings and disciplines. In this session [available as notes (PDF) or as a Powerpoint (PDF)] Linda demonstrated some of the simplest and easiest to use techniques: Visible Quizzes, Minute papers, Muddiest point, Brain Storm, Think, Pair, Share, and Three Stay, One stray, which are explained in this handout (link) and her presentation. For more techniques, read Classroom Assessment Techniques by Angelo and Cross, 50 Ways to Leave your Lectern by Connie Staley, and Busy, Noisy, and Powerfully Effective by InfoTec, all available in the CELT Library.

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