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Earn a Certificate of Completion

Every semester CELT offers one or more workshop series. Each three-part series is dedicated to a teaching topic such as course design, assessment, or online teaching. A workshop denoted as (CS) is part of a certificate series. Workshops with I, II, and III in their titles are part of a certificate series. The purpose of the series is to encourage faculty to apply the practical techniques acquired in the series that will help enhance student learning.

From time to time certificates are offered for attending half-day workshops sponsored by CELT.
To be eligible for the certificate of completion, participants must:

1. attend all three workshops in the series or the entire half-day workshop
2. provide evidence to CELT of how they have used the content of any or all of the workshops in any course they are teaching
3. complete this short certificate application form (DOCX)

For more information contact Ludy Goodson, Instructional Consultant/Designer in the CELT office, or Gail Rathbun, CELT Director.

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