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  • David Liu, Computer Science, "Devolpment of Web-based Simulation and Visualization Tools for Computer Architecture Teaching and Learning" Report not available at this time.
  • Dina Mansour-Cole, OLS "Completing the Self Management Loop: Developing 'on demand' content modules for OLS 485" Report not available at this time.

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  • Yanfei Liu, ENGR - "New Mechatronics Course Development" Yanfei's report
  • Harold L. Odden, ANTHR - "Understanding Health and Well-being in Fort Wayne: Extending Medical Anthropology at IPFW" Harold's report is not yet available.
  • Hossein M. Oloomi, ENGR - "The Development of a Multidisciplinary Control Systems Course" Hossein's report
  • Trent S. Parker, LMFT - "Transforming HSRV 200" Trent's report

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  • Michael Bosela, BIO - "Development of Online Plant Community Profiles"
  • Pamela DeKoninck and Becky Salmon, NUR - "Developing a Hybrid Advanced Acute Care Nursing Course" Pamela's and Becky's report
  • Peter Goodmann, ECET - "Enhancement of ECET Curriculum with Wireless Communication Projects for First- and Second-Year Students" Peter's report
  • Guoping Wang, ENGR - "Active Learning Through WWW: Just-in-Time Teaching in Electrical and Computer Engineering" Guoping's report

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  • Michael Bosela, BIO - "Development of IPFW Biology Department 'Multi-use' Plant Ecology Lab Exercises" Michael's report  | IPFW Campus Plant Community Profiles
  • Dina Mansour Cole, OLS - "ePortfolios"
  • Suining Ding, CAET - "Culture and Design: A Cross-cultural Comparison of Architecture" Suining's report
  • Mark Masters, PHY - "Developing Physics 326 'Physics for Computer Graphics and Animation.'" Mark's report

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  • Glen Gendzel, HIS - "Development of visual materials for HIST H106: American Since 1877." Glen's report
  • Worth Weller, ENGL - "Development of web-based curricular materials incorporating best practices in teaching writing for associate faculty and graduate aides teaching ENG 131."
  • Jennifer Stewart, ENGL - "Development of a faculty development web site for writing faculty."  Jen's report
  • Jennifer Simpson, COM - "Civic Engagement in the Basic Communication Course, the first stage in a re-design of COM 114."

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  • Linda J. Lolkus, CFS - "Development of a New Course, Current Issues in Nutrition, Emphasizing Higher-Order Thinking Skills, Student Based Learning, and Web CT"
  • Roberta Tierney, NUR - "Gerontologizing' the Nursing Curriculum"
  • Terri Jo Swim, EDU - "Bringing Reggio Emilia to IPFW:  Infusing Principles from this Educational Philosophy in University Classrooms" (content used in EDUC E335)
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  • John G. LaMaster, MATH - "Implementing Effective Collaborative Learning in College Algebra and Trigonometry"
  • Linda L. Meyer, NUR/Cathy Carlson, NUR/Robert L. Sedlemeyer, CS - "A Software Tool to Record and Analyze the Clinical Experiences of Nursing Students"
  • Deborah D. Ross, BIO - "Revision of BIOL 437 to Create an Investigational, Student Driven Learning Environment"

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  • Jane E. Purse-Wiedengoeft, THTR - "Redevelopment and Reorganization of the Acting/Voice Program: IPFW Department of Theatre"
  • Kimberly McDonald, OLS - "Development of OLS 487: Leadership Philosophy"
  • Lesa Rae Vartanian, PSY - "Developing Experiential and Service Learning Opportunities for PSY 371:  Death & Dying"
  • Becky A. Salmon, NUR - "Reaching Diverse Learners:  Using 4MAT Design for a Student Assignment"
  • Richard Johnson, MFL - "Headin' South:  Experiencing Sites of the Civil Rights Movement"

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  • Pamela E. Sandstrom, LIB/Dee Holiday, LIB - "The Information Foraging Environment:  Visualizing a Model of Interrelated Disciplinary Microhabitats Using Web Technology"
  • Chand K. Chauhan, MATH - "Enhancing Statistical Understanding Through Technology"
  • Marcia D. Dixson, COM - "Web Based Public Speaking Tutorial for COM 114 Students"
  • Richard L. Johnson, MFL - "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. & the Civil Rights Movement"
  • Elliott J. Blumenthal, BIO - "Immunology Lab and Self-Teaching Laboratory Program"

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