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Summer Instructional Development Grants

The purpose of the Summer Instructional Development Grant is to provide faculty with an incentive to implement innovative projects designed to significantly enhance an existing course with the goal of improving student learning and success at IPFW. In addition, the grant provides faculty the opportunity to enhance their skills, experiment with new teaching methods, and engage in scholarly teaching. 

Example projects include but are not restricted to those that would:

  • Enhance the effectiveness of existing courses through the innovative use of technology, including “flipping the classroom.”
  • Enhance the effectiveness of existing courses through adapting pedagogies of engagement (e.g. use of a high-impact-practice, problem-based learning, peer instruction, service learning).
  • Incorporate experiential learning into existing courses, for example, service learning.
  • Incorporate diversity goals.
  • Develop innovative curricular materials or laboratory experiences for existing courses.
  • Develop hybrid (blended) versions of existing courses.
  • Support and foster scholarly teaching and classroom research to measure the effectiveness of specific teaching approaches.

The above list is not meant to be all-inclusive; other ideas will be considered. Depending upon the nature of the project, the proposal may be submitted by a team of faculty members, by a department or program, or by an individual.

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Campus Compact Service Learning Grants

Indiana Campus Compact (ICC) has several types of grants available, one of which is the Scholarship of Engagement grant. Eighteen Indiana faculty per year will be selected to choose one of three options related to the Scholarship of Engagement: develop or revise a service-learning course to be taught by the recipient, provide scholarly research on service-engagement, or provide a professional service to a local community agency.  For more information go to the ICC web site, or contact Deb Barrick, Director Office of Academic Internships, Cooperative Education and Service Learning at (260) 481-5471.

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