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Why Mobility Matters Event

They are in student’s backpacks, our pockets, and in the palm of our hands. For most of us, hardly a day goes by when we are not using a mobile computing device to check email, search for information and keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family. The opportunities that mobile computing offers are boundless, but do these small, powerful computers have a place in the classroom? Usually the answer to that question is a resounding, YES! In this 2½ day workshop we will explore and experience how to leverage the “mobile” of mobile devices and how they can be used to engage students both in and out of the classroom. So, bring your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and come with us!

The Why Mobility Matters Event is a 2½ day event for IPFW faculty that will take place on June 3, 4 & 5, 2015. The event sessions will be held on the Skybridge between the Library and the International Student Center, and the special guest presentation by Dr. Jon Landis’s will be held in the Walb Union Classic Ballroom, room 126.

  • Session space for the 2½ day event is limited to 20 participants. (Registration is required.) Register to attend the entire 2½ day event.

  • Guest speaker session with Dr. Jon Landis is open to all. (Registration is required.) Register to attend the special guest presentation only.

  • Attendees of the full  2½ event are eligible for a Certificate of Achievement. For more information on this, please visit the Earn a Certificate of Achievement page.

  • Lunch, courtesy of Follett, will be provided to participants of the full 2½ day event.

  • Would you like to participate, but don’t have a mobile device? No problem! We have a limited number of iPads available for participants to use.

  • A super, cool perk (a wifi flash drive!) will be given to those who complete the full 2½ day event.

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Day 1 – June 3rd

9:00 am-9:45 am

Opening Session

This session will include a welcome and overview of the events for the next 2½ days. It will also explain the “My Mobile Experience in 1-second bits,” project. This will be an on-going project throughout the entire event.

10:00 am-11:30 am

Why Mobility Matters?

Guest Speaker: Dr. Jon Landis, Apple, Inc.
The massive increase in digital content in the past decade is having a profound impact on the quality and cost of higher education. Electronic textbooks, MOOCs, apps, and new workflows are creating educational opportunities that simply did not exist just a few years ago. This is not about technology fads or the latest gadgets. This is about facing the challenges and maximizing the possibilities of a connected classroom. In addition to exploring the dynamics of a mobility-based education paradigm, we will examine the practical implementation strategies to improve learning opportunities.

Biography of Dr. Jon Landis of Apple, Inc.

Dr. Jon Landis is the US Development Executive with Apple Inc. He is a former professor in the College of Education from Millersville University where he was the graduate coordinator of the Leadership Program and the Coordinator of the CyberSafe Institute. Jon holds his Ph.D. in Sociology, a Masters degree in Education Leadership, and a B.S. in Chemistry. He has served as a chemistry instructor, principal, curriculum director, and IT Director. Dr. Landis speaks nationally on the opportunities associated with mobile technology in education.

Register to attend the special guest presentation only. 

11:30 am-1:00 pm

Lunch, provided by Follett

(for full event participants only)

1:00 pm-2:00 pm

Mobile Devices and Getting Social: What’s happening at IPFW

Did you know that each social media platform caters to different types of student engagement? Learn which platforms are best for your specific classroom goals, see how other higher ed professionals have found success, and get tips on managing your classroom social media presence from a mobile device. Then, find out how you can partner with Marketing Communications to get your program recognition on the IPFW social media channels!

2:15 pm-3:30 pm

Launching Your Course into Social Media

Now that you know what social media platform to use, how do you go about setting it up and managing it on a daily basis? In this session, we will discuss IPFW social media standards and best practices, as well as answer some common questions in higher ed social media: Should my course have a public or private social media presence? How can I manage social media in just 10-15 minutes per day? How do I separate personal from professional on social media? And more!

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Day 2 – June 4

9:00 am-10:00 am

Mobility, Tutoring and the Writing Center

For the past year, the Writing Center has been developing some innovative consultation strategies that leverage the unique nature of mobile devices. Learn how the student writing consultants are rethinking their consultation work with IPFW students using mobile devices.

10:15 am-11:30 am

Students, Don’t Put that Phone Away! Strategies for Leveraging Mobile Devices In and Out of Class

A wealth of information is just a tap away with a mobile device, and with built in cameras and easy video creation, smartphones and tablets offer ways for students to be collaborators and content contributors in and out of the classroom. Experience some strategies for involving students, with their mobile device that goes beyond the bounds of the classroom.

11:30 am-1:00 pm

Lunch, provided by Follett

(for full event participants only)

1:00 pm-2:30 pm

Leveraging the Mobility of Mobile Devices

Working in teams, participants will experience how low the technology bar really is when it comes to creating, capturing and using instructional materials “on the fly.” Whether in a lab, in the field, or just about any place, making “teachable” moments has never been easier.

2:30 pm-3:30 pm

I have this video, now what? The Ins and Outs and Ups and Downs to Off-Loading, Uploading and Passing it on!

It’s one thing to capture a teachable moment, but another to get it out to your students. In this session, participants will examine several ways media can easily be made available to your students. We will explore methods such as IPFW’s Media Vault, YouTube Channels, Vimeo and others.

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Day 3 – June 5

9:00 am-10:00 am

Using Video to Critique Student Work with Scribbeo

Providing feedback on video projects or classroom presentations is a challenge. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily comment, markup and annotate a short video? Now you can! In this session we will explore how providing feedback on videos is that easy and can be transforming. Scribbeo is an iOS app that makes sharing video mark-ups a fast and stress-free process. App provided.

10:15 am- 12:00 pm

Let’s Develop a Plan: Strategic Thinking around Mobile Devices, Video and Social Media

After exploring the possibilities and ubiquity of mobile devices in teaching, it is time to start thinking and talking about strategies. In this session we will take time to analyze one of your teaching goals specific to mobility, video or social media. Working in teams and then as a group, we will help you develop a plan for implementing one initiative into your teaching. Also, we will re-cap the event with a showing of: Your Workshop Experience in 1 Second.

Register to attend the special guest presentation only.

Register to attend the entire 2½ day event.

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The 2015 Fall Teaching Conference

Engaging Students as Partners in Learning and Teaching

Thursday, August 20, 2015 in the Walb Classic Ballroom

Save the date! More information to come soon!

Download the Scholarly Teaching Crossword here. Bring your completed puzzle to the Fall conference to win a valuable technology tool for your teaching.

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 Why Mobility Matters
June 3-5
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2015 Fall Teaching Conference
Engaging Students as Partners in Learning and Teaching
Thursday, August 20

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