Center for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching

Teaching Backwards: Using Inductive Teaching to Promote Conceptual Understanding

Michael Prince, Professor, Chemical Engineering, Bucknell University

Thursday, August 18, 2016  Save the date!
Holiday Inn Express Suites Fort Wayne

Instructors want their students to learn and remember the central ideas or concepts taught in their courses. However, research shows traditional  instruction is not particularly effective for developing deep conceptual understanding. This workshop session introduces the idea of teaching backwards using inductive teaching where the motivation precedes the new content in a learner centered approach. The many faces of inductive learning and teaching will be explored. Research shows this to be a much more effective approach to repair common and persistent student misconceptions.  Participants will be given the opportunity to develop inquiry-based instructional materials for use in their own classes.

There will be concurrent sessions in the afternoon after lunch.

  • Session A. Jumpstart for New Faculty: Day 2,  1 – 5 pm in IT Services Training Lab, Kettler Hall, Room 205B
  • Session B. Inductive Teaching at IPFW, Back-to-back 25 minute presentations by three IPFW faculty, Ballroom B, 1:15-2:30 pm
  • Session C. Information Session for faculty interested in scholarly teaching and faculty learning communities, Ballroom C, 1:15-2:30 pm

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