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The following holdings are available for checkout from our office:

Aleckson, J. D. & Ralston-Berg, P. (2011). Mind meld: micro-collaboration between elearning designers and instructor experts. Madison, WI: Atwood Publishing

Fink, L. D. (2003). A self-directed guide to designing courses for significant learning. (9 copies)

Grunert, J. (1997). The course syllabus: A learning-centered approach. Bolton, MA: Anker Publishing Company, Inc.

Pershing, J. A. (Ed.). (2006). Handbook of human performance technology: Principles, practices, potential  (3rd ed.). San Francisco: Pfeiffer, an imprint of Wiley.

Piskurich, G. M. (2000). Rapid instructional design: Learning ID fast and right. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Pfeiffer.

Richlin, L. (2006). Blueprint for learning: Constructing college courses to facilitate, assess, and document learning. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing

(2005). Exploring interface design: Proven techniques…Thomson Delmar Learning. (Not enough information available for a complete Listing)

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