Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching

Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) Advisory Board

A faculty advisory board advises the Director on developing and implementing CELT policies and procedures, advocates for the recognition of teaching, oversees and sponsors activities related to teaching improvement, and reviews proposals submitted to CELT’s instructional grant program. Board members frequently serve as mentors or peer consultants for other faculty and lead CELT workshops. A CELT Board member is editor of the CELT Newsletter.

Board members serve terms of 3 years. The selection of new board members takes place in April. All deans, chairs, and faculty may submit nominations, or individuals may nominate themselves or another faculty member (with her/his permission). Nominations are evaluated for evidence of commitment to the philosophy and goals of CELT, evidence of teaching effectiveness, demonstrated commitment to ongoing growth as a teacher and to the scholarship of teaching, and willingness to take an active role in the work of CELT. At least four schools/divisions must be represented on the board. To nominate yourself or someone else to be an Advisory Board member, please complete the online nomination form.

Advisory Board Members


Adam Dircksen
CELT Director, Member of FACET, Continuing Lecturer in Communications
Kettler Hall 238
(260) 481-6504
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Image of Elliott Blumenthal

Elliott Blumenthal 
Associate Chair, Biology; Associate Professor, Immunology; and Faculty Athletics Representative
Science Building, Room 390
(260) 481-6004
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20150818-Stumph-Carolyn-JW (002)

Carolyn Stumph


Continuing Lecturer
Neff Hall, Room 360E 
(260) 481-6495

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Photo of Martha Coussement

Martha Coussement


Assistant Professor of Consumer and Family Sciences
Neff Hall, Room 330D
(260) 481-6562

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Roberts-Suin (002)

Suin Roberts

Associate Professor of ILCS
Language Arts, Room 271
(260) 481-6860

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Image of Heather Krull

Heather Krull, DNP, FNP-BC


Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing
Walb Union, Room 234
(260) 446-2236

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Image of Rama CousikRama Cousik


Associate Professor of Special Education
Neff Hall, Room 240C
(260) 481-6003

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Image of Kimberly O'Connor

Kimberly O'Connor


Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadeship and Supervision
Neff Hall, Room 288G
(260) 481-6496

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Image of Pamela Britton-Reese

Pam Reese


Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Neff Hall, Room 279C
(260) 481-6411

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Ex-officio Members

Image of Marcia Dixson

Marcia Dixson

Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Teaching and Learning, Office of Academic Affairs       
Kettler Hall, Room 176
(260) 481-6558

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Image of Scott Vitz

Scott Vitz

Coordinator, Academic Technology Consulting, Information Technology Services
Kettler Hall, Room 204R
(260) 481-6198

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Perspectives on Best Practices in Online Teaching (Session 1B)
Wednesday, January 24, 11 AM - 12:15 PM, Library 440A
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Assessment Best Practices (Session 2A)
Wednesday, January 31, 10 AM - 12 PM, Library 440A
Register here

Perspectives on Best practices in Online Assessment (Session 2B)
Wednesday, February 7, 11 AM - 12:15 PM, Library 440A
Register for this event.

Best Practices in Online Teaching: Student-Content Interaction and Student-Instructor
Interaction (Session 3A)
Wednesday, February 14, 10 AM - 12 PM, Library 440A
Register for this event.


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