Celebrate 50 Years
Collegiate Connection

Meet the Students and Alumni

Each semester the Collegiate Connection program booklet features one (and sometimes more) current student in the program and one (and sometimes more) alumnus. Meet some of our students and alumni, find out about their dual-credit experiences and how the program helped them reach their academic and career goals.

  • Fall 2011 [PDF] Current Student, Colin, and Alumna, Jessica
  • Spring 2011 [PDF] Current Student, Malcolm, and Alumna, Whitney
  • Fall 2010 [PDF] Current and Alumni Students, the Magner brothers                
  • Spring 2010 [PDF] Current Students, Lance and Elizabeth, and Alumna, Johnelle
  • Fall 2009 [PDF] Current Student, Andrea, and Alumna, Kelli
  • Spring 2009 [PDF] Current Student, Alexis, and Alumnus Brian
  • Fall 2008 [PDF] Current Students Logan and Gabby and Alumnus, Scott
  • Spring 2008 [PDF] Current Student, Catherine, and Alumna, Parvonay
  • Fall 2007 [PDF] Current Student, Charlie, and Alumnus, Alex
  • Spring 2007 [PDF] Current Student, Dana, and Alumna, Sara

Our Student Says . . .

"The Collegiate Connection program allowed me to get credits toward college and my academic diploma, along with giving me college experience." Ashton, East Noble High School