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Withdrawal and Refunds

How do I drop a course?

If you need to drop/withdraw from the college credit portion of your Collegiate Connection course, you must e-mail the Collegiate Connection office or call 260-481-5478. Failure to pay for classes, not attending classes, or notifying your high school about your decision to withdraw does not constitute a formally recognized withdrawal, nor does it entitle you to a refund. Your are responsible for all fees unless you process a "drop" form through the Collegiate Connection office during the refund period.

Withdrawal and Refund Schedule

100% refund 60% refund 40% refund 20% refund No refund Last day to withdraw*
Fall 2013 Sept. 1 Sept. 8 Sept. 15 Sept. 22 Sept. 23 Oct. 25
Spring 2014 Jan. 19 Jan. 26 Feb. 2 Feb. 9 Feb. 10 Mar. 21
Sum I 2014 May 21 May 25 May 28 June 1 June 2 June 13
Sum II 2014 July 2 July 6 July 9 July 12 July 13 July 25

*Grade does not impact on college GPA and shows as withdrawn on transcript.

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