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Collegiate Connection

@ Your High School

Earn College Credit for Classes
at Your High School

The IPFW Collegiate Connection Program is partnering with participating high schools in northeastern Indiana to offer college credit courses to qualified high school students. These courses meet at your high schools during the regular school day and are taught by IPFW-certified high school teachers. Collegiate Connection courses are taught by exceptional high school instructors who have been interviewed, selected, and supported by IPFW faculty.

Through its course offerings, the program provides an opportunity for you to begin college work while in high school. You will receive both high school and college credit for your work in your own high school.

As an IPFW Collegiate Connection student taking classes at your high school, you can:

•      Get an early start on your college degree. Students find they
       are able to pursue second majors, study abroad, complete
       internships, or finish their degree early;
•      Receive a substantial tuition discount - save money;
•      Gain access to IPFW's vast technology and resources;
•      Satisfy the high school Academic Honors diploma
•      Develop the critical thinking, writing, and reading skills that will
       prepare you for success in college.

Student Handbook

Misplaced your Collegiate Connection Student Handbook? Download a PDF of the handbook.

2014-2015 Student Handbook

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Our Student Says . . .

"I realized I could receive college credits before I graduated from high school, and honestly who could turn that down." Kaylin, Northrop High School