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Adverse Weather

Purdue Fort Wayne does not have weather delays and rarely closes the campus due to weather. It is either open or closed. Unless you see or hear a specific announcement that PFW is closed and classes are canceled, you should assume that the campus is open with classes meeting at their normal times.

Whenever possible, adverse-weather closings are announced by 6 a.m. for daytime classes and 3 p.m. for evening classes. Announcements will be broadcasted on Fort Wayne radio or television stations, on the recorded PFW Weather Emergency lines  260-481-6050 or 260-481-5770, PFW's home page, via text, voice, and email messages from the PFW Emergency Notification System and through PFW's official social media outlets on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up through your myIPFW account to receive campus alerts. Log on to your account and in the third channel (column to far right of the screen) is a box titled Alert Phone Number. Click on the edit button on the bottom left side of the box and enter your preferences. Students should also check Blackboard to see if individual professors have canceled classes.

When the campus remains open, you should consider your individual circumstances and decide if you can safely travel to campus. It is ultimately your responsibility to consider the potential risks of traveling under possibly hazardous conditions. Please contact your instructor either through e-mail or voice mail and let him or her know your situation.

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