About Us

History of CASA

In 1976, Transitional Studies was established to offer academic support through tutoring, a reading and study skills course and academic advising to non-native speakers. Tutoring at that time took place at tables in the hallways and was limited mainly to math, chemistry and several liberal arts courses. Since the beginning, the program has gone through several transformational changes in location and in services offered. Supplemental Instruction grew from a grant in the mid-nineties to a fully supported program at this time. In 2000, Transitional Studies moved to the ground floor of the same building and was given a specific room for tutoring and office space for the department. This change also led to a name change of Center for Academic Support and Advancement (CASA) which seemed to be more inclusive of our expanding services. At this time, the department was working with Information Technology Services to offer what is now called STEPS. This program offers instruction to students concerning various computer programs.

The Writing Center was established in 1993 in the English Department and existed as such until 2003 when it was incorporated into CASA. This was in an effort to centralize the academic support services. To continue this centralization, the Math Test Center joined CASA in 2004. It was originated in the Math Department when alternative approaches to pre-calculus classes were offered, which began in 1994. This centralization demanded great changes in philosophies, programming and organization. All of these changes also brought changes in numbers of students using our services which was the impetus for the changes. In the late nineties, around 500 students were served. In 2009, CASA's expanded programs served over 5,000 students who came for over 28,000 visits.