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Mastodon Career Call Webinars Fall 2016

The College Student Life Explained Webinar
September 28, 2016 @ noon

College can be quite the transition. Living on your own, classes at varying times, in multiple buildings with professors and peers from all over the world. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. Spend an hour with the Don2Don Student Success Coaches and learn some tips and tricks on a successful transition from high school, another college, or just from summer break! Topics covered will include: time management, student success strategies, academic support, and the always popular social life conversation.

Job Searching and Interview Tips for Ex-Offenders Webinar
October 5, 2016 @ noon

What’s the best way to approach the job search if you have issues in your background or a barrier that you feel may limit your opportunities such as a criminal background, or little to no experience? This webinar can provide some helpful tips for the application and interview process that can make a real difference. Making yourself more marketable may be easier than you think.

Harassment and Workplace Bullying Webinar
November 16, 2016 @ noon

Andrea Ogubi
Career Events Coordinator E: