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JobZone Terms of Use

Participation Agreement

Please read agreement before logging in to JobZone:

  • I agree to:
    • Accurate information: Certify my job search documents to be truthful and accurate.
    • Grant access: Allow JobZone to provide my job search documents to prospective employers.
    • Honor commitments: Keep all appointments that I’ve scheduled with employers and Career Services Staff.
    • Genuine interest: Sign up for interviews with only employers with whom I am interested in working.
    • Professional conduct: Accept an offer of employment in good faith and immediately notify employers of acceptance or non-acceptance of the offer. Withdraw from interviewing process and no longer pursue positions with other employers.
    • Consequences for non-compliance: Accept that failure to adhere to any point in this agreement may result in the removal of my interview privileges in Academic Counseling & Career Services.
  • Career Services agrees to:
    • Provide services: Assist you with your career decision-making and job search activities.
    • Access of information: Provide access to a range of career opportunities and types of employers.
    • Non-discrimination: Provide access and reasonable accommodations to prospective employers without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability.
    • Protect confidentiality: Exercise sound judgment and fairness in maintaining your confidentiality
    • Student advocacy: Respond to employer EEO non-compliance concerns and unethical behavior.

Please note: Students and alumni registering and submitting their résumé through JobZone are agreeing to comply with all points of the Participation Agreement.

When you have logged in you have agreed to the terms Please be aware that you are logging into a service powered by NACElink, a division of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Additional Information

For additional job search information please refer to the job search overview page.