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What is it?

The INdorsed Career Ready Graduate program is a certificate with statewide standards used by Indiana colleges and universities to certify students' preparation for professional work.  Participating Indiana schools implement the program in unique ways, but every school uses the same core requirements to ensure that INdorsed Career Ready Graduates achieve the same level of career preparation.

History of the program

This program was developed and sponsored by Career Development Professionals of Indiana (CDPI).  Employers have been, and are currently being educated on the program and are encouraged to review their prospective hires’ preparedness through CDPI’s database of certificate completers.  Go to CDPI’s website for more details on the program.


Graduates with this certificate complete activities in the following areas:

  • Professional Identity: exploring strengths and ideal careers and developing tools to market skills to employers
  • Professional Experience: building relevant experience as well as training in professional practices)
  • Professional Skills: developing core, transferable skills like communication, teamwork and problem solving


INdorsed leads you step-by-step through the career preparation process during your college years. To help you stand out to employers, you will:

  • Identify strengths & enhance your marketable skills
  • Build and document your professional experience
  • Learn how to convey your value to employers
  • Have 1:1 guidance from a career services professional
  • Receive a formal accomplishment statement to add to your resume
  • Receive a certificate upon completion to add to your professional portfolio

Requirements & Process

Download the progress sheet here for a list of action steps needed to complete the program.  Note that you don’t have to complete all of them, just the number specified for each section, totaling 11 career development activities.  We will also entertain activities that have been completed in the past, but approval will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Who can apply?

Any IPFW student can get started TODAY!  There are activities that every level of student can complete during their academic year and during the summer.  You must complete the certificate program prior to graduation in order to achieve the certificate and recognition.


Karen Campbell, INdorsed Campus Coordinator – obringek@ipfw.edu, (260)481-0689, KT 109