Career Services

Getting Involved

There are a number of ways in which employers can become involved with the Career Services Office at IPFW. We coordinate etiquette dinners, networking events, Mock Interview Days, and career fairs—all of these would be ideal for partnering with Career Services and meeting IPFW students and alumni.

Our services are designed to reach specific students or the graduates employers seek. And best of all, our services, except for career fairs, are free for employers. For more information about employer services, review our Employer Guide.

Career Fairs

IPFW coordinates two career fairs throughout the year: the Career & Internship Fair in September, for students and alumni seeking internships and full-time degreed positions, and the Summer Job & Internship Fair in either March or April, for students seeking summer, part-time, and internship opportunities. IPFW also participates in a nine-college consortium career fair called the Northeast Indiana Career Employment (NICE) Expo, which is typically held in April. At the NICE Expo, students and alumni from IPFW, Indiana Tech, Ivy Tech Community College, Manchester College, Trine University, University of St. Francis, Huntington University, and Grace College seek to connect to employers offering internships and full-time degreed positions.

Corporate Sponsorships

Should employers desire to speak to student organizations and classes, or seek out other creative ways of connecting with IPFW students, Career Services offers the option of sponsoring the Career Services Office in exchange for additional access to students. There are varying levels of sponsorship, and as the level of contributions increases, the access to students and campus marketing of the employer do as well.


An externship program helps students gain additional information about their desired career field. Students spend two to five days observing and working with professionals, investigating careers, and networking with employers in their fields of interest. Think of it as a mini unpaid internship. The program benefits employers by allowing them to mentor students who are interested in their company or career field. An externship student could also be a future intern or employee. Additionally, the employer will have increased visibility for their organization at IPFW.

Mock Interview Day

Area employers are invited to participate in providing mock (practice) interviews for IPFW students. These interviews are held on campus in Career Services and last for about 45 minutes. IPFW students greatly enjoy this event, as it provides them with interviewing experience and valuable feedback from an employer. Past employer participants have also enjoyed the experience of educating the students and helping them fine-tune their interviewing skills. Typically, employers are asked to donate 3-4 hours of their time in order to interview several students; however, the length of time can be adjusted to accommodate the employers’ schedules.

National Career Development Month

November is National Career Development Month (NCDM) and to celebrate we offer multiple opportunities for networking within specific industries/career fields or for specific majors.  The overall theme of NCDM is Get Experience! and we in Career Services focus on educating students about the importance of internships, volunteering, and other related experience.  Every year we change the types of industries/career fields in order to reach out to different majors.  The first year, 2008, we focused on Liberal Arts, Governmental Jobs, Science Careers, and Non-profits.  In 2009 we focused on Careers in the Arts, Green Jobs, Sports & Fitness Careers, and Entrepreneurs.  Past employer participators have been asked to sit on a panel which lasts about 1.5 hours with opportunities to network with students after the panel.  If you're interested in participating in NCDM, please contact the Office of Career Services.