Fall 2017 Due Date

August 18, 2017

Summer 2017 Due Dates

May 12, 2017

For Registration on Or before 5/12/17

June 23, 2017

For Registration on Or after 5/13/17

Billing Process

IMPORTANT: If you are delinquent, please call the Bursar's office at 260-481-6824 to make payment arrangements and avoid further action.

Step-by-Step Billing Process

  • Initial Billing
    • All billing statements are generated electronically
    • An email notification is sent to students ipfw.edu email address
    • The 1st billings generated for each semester are displayed below:
      • Summer  =  Mid-April
      • Fall  =  Mid-July
      • Spring  =  Mid-November
    • Continued Billings
      • Account changes made after 1st billing will create an updated billing statement
      • Another email notification is sent to students ipfw.edu email address
    • Delinquent Reminders
      • Email notices will be sent to delinquent accounts
      • The notices will warn of the delinquent penalty fee assessment
      • The notices will warn of the account hold
    • Late Fee
      • A "Late Payment Fee" will be assessed on unpaid accounts after a 10 day grace period
      • An email notice is sent informing of the late fee assessment
    • Account Holds
      • Delinquent accounts will be placed on hold
      • This hold will prevent:
        • Future Registration
        • Release of Transcript
        • Online Viewing of Grades
        • Release of Diploma
      • An email notice is sent informing student of options to pay and potential administrative withdrawal.
    • During Term Collection Process of Past Due Accounts
      • Past due email notices and letters will be sent through the end of the term
        • Informing students of payment options
        • Informing students of the possibility of further collection actions, including Administrative Removal from current classes and cancellations of any future semester registrations.
    • Administrative Removal
      • Delinquent accounts will be administratively removed from all classes
      • Tuition charges will remain on the account
      • Once withdrawn for non-payment a student is not able to re-enroll in classes
      • There is an appeals process whereby students can explain why fees were not paid and ask to be re-enrolled in classes
    • Final Demand
      • A final demand for payment will be sent by letter after the end of the semester and after the return of title IV calculations are completed.
      • The student will be advised of payment options
      • The student will be advised of the final bill date to make arrangements
      • The student will be advised that their account is being prepared for referral to small claims court or a local attorney.
    • Final Collection
      • Accounts will be filed with small claims court
      • Large accounts will be placed with a local attorney