Celebrate 50 Years

Fall 2014 Due Date

August 22, 2014

Spring 2015 Due Date

January 9, 2015

Summer 2015 Due Dates

May 15, 2015

if registration on or before May 15th

June 26, 2015

if registration on or after  May 16th

Set-up Direct Deposit

No more waiting on the mail or standing in line!

Get the FASTEST, most SECURE refund by Direct Deposit.

Receive eligible refunds directly to your bank account.

To set-up direct deposit

  1. Log on to myIPFW
  2. Click on the billing icon dollar sign
  3. Click on 'eRefunds'
  4. Under "Actions", choose "Set up Account".
  5. Enter your bank account information
    • Entering your banking information will allow IPFW Bursar's Office to deposit funds, not remove funds
    • Your banking information is confidential and cannot be accessed by IPFW staff
    • Your banking information stays on file from term to term, so you only need to sign up once