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Office of Assessment

Assessment Council Membership 2010-2011


Picture of Hal Broberg

Robert Barrett

Department: Computer and Electrical Engineering Technology & Information Systems and Technology
Phone: 260-481-6179

Picture of Donna Holland

Donna Holland

Department: Sociology
Phone: 260-481-6671
Email: hollandd@ipfw.edu

Picture of Julie Hook

Julie Hook

Department: General Studies, Division of Continuing Studies
Phone: 260-481-6623
Email: hook@ipfw.edu

Picture of Becky Jensen

Becky Jensen

Department: Nursing
Phone: 260-481-5485
Email: jensenr@ipfw.edu

Picture of Ae-Sook Kim

Ae-Sook Kim

Department: Public Policy, Division of Public and Environmental Affairs
Phone: 260-481-0492
Email: kima@ipfw.edu

Picture of Rhonda Meriwether

Rhonda Meriwether

Department: Academic Success Center
Phone: 260-481-6595
Email: meriweth@ipfw.edu

Picture of Duston Moore

Duston Moore

Department: Philosophy, General Education
Phone: 260-481-6363
Email: moored@ipfw.edu


Picture of James Moore

James Moore

Department: Management and Marketing
Phone: 260-481-6488
Email: moore@ipfw.edu

Picture of Kathleen Murphey

Kathleen Murphey

Department: Education
Phone: 260-481-6451
Email: murphey@ipfw.edu

Photo Not Available

Barbara Resch

Assessment Council Chair
Visual and Performing Arts
Phone: 260-481-6726
Email: resch@ipfw.edu


Picture of Cheryl Sorge

Steve Sarratore

Department: VC Academic Affairs
Phone: 260-481-6536
Email: sarrator@ipfw.edu 

Photo of Cheryl Sorge

Cheryl Sorge

Department: Nursing
Phone: 260-481-6279
Email: sorge@ipfw.edu