Celebrate 50 Years
Office of Assessment

Assessment Council Membership 2008-2009


Picture of Benita Brewer

Benita Brewer

Department: College of Visual & Performing Arts
Phone: 260-481-6943
Email: brewerb@ipfw.edu

Picture of Hal Broberg

 Hal Broberg

Department: College of Engineering Technology & Computer Science/Division of
Organizational Leadership & Supervision
Phone: 260-481-6341
Email: broberg@ipfw.edu

Picture of Judith Garrison

Judith Garrison

Department: Walter E. Helmke Library
Phone: 260-481-4499
Email: garrisoj@ipfw.edu

Picture of Barry Hancock

Barry Hancock

Department: Division of Public & Environmental Affairs
Phone: 260-481-6055
Email: hancockb@ipfw.edu

Picture of Julie Hook

Julie Hook

Department: General Studies, Division of Continuing Studies
Phone: 260-481-6623
Email: hook@ipfw.edu

Picture of Jay Jackson

Jay Jackson

Department: Psychology
Phone: 260-481-6401
Email: jacksonj@ipfw.edu

Picture of Mark Masters

Mark Masters

Department: Physics
Phone: 260-481-6153
Email: masters@ipfw.edu

Picture of Rhonda Meriwether

Rhonda Meriwether

Department: Mastodon Advising Center
Phone: 260-481-6595

Picture of James Moore

James Moore

Department: Business Management Sciences
Phone: 260-481-6488
Email: moore@ipfw.edu

Picture of Kathleen Murphey

Kathleen Murphey

Department: School of Education
Phone: 260-481-6451
Email: murphey@ipfw.edu

Picture of Cheryl Sorge

Cheryl Sorge

Department: College of Health & Social Services
Phone: 260-481-6279
Email: sorge@ipfw.edu


Photo of Chris Tokpah

Chris Tokpah

Department: VC Academic Affairs, Assessment Office
Phone: 260-481-5411
Email: tokpahc@ipfw.edu

Photo of Doug Townsend

Doug Townsend

Department: VC Academic Affairs
Phone: 260-481-6114
Email: townsend@ipfw.edu