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Dining Etiquette Dinner

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Dining Etiquette Dinner
Spring 2015 - Date TBD
IPFW west campus, Holiday Inn at IPFW

IPFW Students  Only 75 spots available!
IPFW Alumni / Non-IPFW Students  Only 25 spots available!

WHY? Proper etiquette is part of a well-rounded education and is vital for making a great first impression. The skills learned at the Dining Etiquette Dinner will be useful not only for business occasions, but in every first impression!

About the Evening: Join us at the Holiday Inn at IPFW for a mocktail reception where you’ll learn proper ‘cocktail hour’ etiquette; enjoy a four-course meal, created by Chef James Martin, where we’ll explain the dos and don’ts of dining etiquette and how to eat difficult foods without looking like a fool. Chair of consumer and family sciences, Dr. John Niser, will entertainingly guide you through this  evening of fun ... and a little learning. Space is limited. Business attire encouraged.

What to Wear? Business attire is required. Not sure on what to wear? E-mail us and we'll help you out.

Click Here to brush up on your dining etiquette, work and internet etiquette, and more.