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Leadership: The Past, The Present and the Future

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In 2017, The Former Student Leaders of IPFW, in conjunction with the IPFW Student Alumni Association and IPSGA will be hosting the first ever networking dinner titled, "Leadership: The Past, The Present, and the Future." This dinner will include former student leaders, current student leaders, guest speakers, and round table discussions.


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Guest Speaker

Hagi Bradley

Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Students at Earlham College

Bradley most recently worked at Sewanee in 2012, when he was named Assistant Dean of Students.

In 2015, he began serving as the Associate Dean of Students, where his work continued to involve student activities. 

He also previously worked for Bowling Green State University and Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW).

Event Details

Thank you to all who attended!


4:00 – Dinner Served
4:15 - First breakout table and eat dinner
4:45 – Hagi Bradley 
5:15 – Second breakout starts
5:45 – Victoria Sarjeant
6:00- Third breakout starts
6:30 – Networking

Former Student Leaders will stay seated at a table that best aligns with their experiences and career. Students will have the chance to rotate to different tables for different sessions and topics.. 

Round Table Areas

Mastering the Work Life Balance

The average American works 47 hours a week and many professionals still check email and work after working hours. Learning to separate work time from home time is crucial to the health and happiness of Americans.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in the workplace is no longer just about skin color. Challenges can include international workers getting permanent placement, equal pay issues, and being treated different.

Women Leading in the Workplace

The best way for women to learn to lead in a work environment is to learn from the challenges that they face. Whether these challenges are from time off for maternity or equal treatment, some challenges are best discussed between women.

Leading in Non-Profits  

Working with philanthropic organizations might not be financially rewarding, but the emotional, spiritual, and mental rewards vastly outweigh. Leading a team that is facing hardships that often plague these organizations can be difficult, but with the right mindset, it is wonderful.

Entrepreneurial Leadership  

The entrepreneurial community in Fort Wayne is wonderful. They are a very caring community that loves to take care of each other and loves to raise each competitor up in order for the little man to succeed when compared to the large stores. 

Leading the Next Generation  

Teachers have front row seats to the growth of the next generation. Their work and leadership is instrumental in the upbringing of our young leaders.

Balancing the 7 F’s -Oola 

It is when your life is balanced and growing in the seven key areas of life - the 7 F's of Oola (fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun).

Quiet Leadership 

We tend to speak and act on the basis of our way of communicating, rather than considering that others are attempting the same thing – but communicating in their way. If we don’t learn their way, we will miss them all day long. Communication inefficiencies cost businesses billions each year. Getting our heart and our head in the right perspective for effective communication – by seeking what the other person wants: understanding. Once we have that selfless mindset, we can use the tool of learning.

Be Awesome (Leading with Positivity) 

Words cannot deflect harsh realities, but positivity can increase life span lower rates of depression, lower distress, increase resistance to the common cold, and better psychological and physical well-being. 

Leaning In 

Be assertive, to move toward a leading, rather than a following, role. Don’t settle or run away from a challenge.

Life Lessons from Peter Pan 

Think happy thoughts, keep your word, have fun, love your mother

Discovering the Connector, Maven, and Salesman 

Connectors are the people in a community who know large numbers of people and who are in the habit of making introductions. A connector is essentially the social equivalent of a computer network hub. They usually know people across an array of social, cultural, professional, and economic circles, and make a habit of introducing people who work or live in different circles. Mavens are "information specialists", or "people we rely upon to connect us with new information" They accumulate knowledge, especially about the marketplace, and know how to share it with others. Salesmen are "persuaders", charismatic people with powerful negotiation skills. They tend to have an indefinable trait that goes beyond what they say, which makes others want to agree with them.