Alumni Relations


ValentineValentine White Xayarath

Bachelor of Science, Media and Public Communications  '05
Valentine is a wife and mother of 4 daughters. She graduated from IPFW in 2005 with BA in Media and Public Communications and AS in Business. She went on to get my MBA with a concentration in marketing from Indiana Tech in 2009. In 2014, she became a State Farm agent. She employs six people of various ages and backgrounds. Her office meets the needs of the community by providing Burmese speaking customer service representation. They are able to assist with auto, home, business, life, heath, and bank. Her goal is to continue to service the community through the various organizations she is a part of and volunteers for. This includes, the Fort Wayne Chapter of the Links Inc., The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, The March of Dimes, Big Brothers Big Sisters. She is also a board member for The Embassy Theatre. In her spare time, she loves to travel with her family and attend their various extra curricular events. 

Q. Why did you choose IPFW? 
A.  I was at Purdue, due to family I transferred to IPFW. The process was easy and seamless 

Q. Were you involved in any student organizations? 
 A. I was a cheerleader for two seasons.

Q. What is your greatest memory of your time in school? 
 A. Cheering at Purdue and the Coliseum. 

Q. Do you have a favorite and/or funny story about your time at IPFW? 
A. I enjoyed being a part of the cheer squad. I appreciated the fan support we had and filling the coliseum on game nights. Cheering there was amazing! 

Q. What career accolades have you received? 
A. Life Legion of Honor and Ambassador Travel 

Q. Do you volunteer in the community? 
A. The March of Dimes , Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Fort Wayne Chapter of the Links Incorporated, The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. 

Q. What course(s) have you found to be most valuable in your professional life? 
A.  Media and Public Communications. 

Q. How did you become interested in your field?     
A. I wanted to be a business owner. I also wanted to take my skills and help others. 

Q. What is the best career advice you were given? 
A. Don't be a public success and a private failure. Your family has to be the top of the priority list. 

Q. How has your education helped prepare you for your career? 
A. It has taught me to multitask and be open minded. I have learned to work with others from different backgrounds. I was able to handle full time course work and a job the entire time I attended IPFW. I am not intimidated by large work loads. 

Q. What motto or quote do you live by? 
A. Begin with the end in mind.- Steve Covey 

Q. What would be your advice to someone who is considering IPFW or a current student? 
A. I was able to be a young mother, a student, and work because of the flexibility IPFW provided. IPFW has a wide variety of options for the non-traditional student, you don't have to feel as if college isn't for you. 

Q. If you could describe your experience at IPFW in 3 words, what would they be? 
A.  Fast 

Q. If you could go back and change one thing from your college experience, what would it be? 
A.  I would have been more involved in other organizations. 

Q. Where would you like to be in 10 years? 
A. Number one in my field. Involved in other businesses 

Q. How would you want your fellow alumni and community members to remember you? 
A.  Hopefully as a kind successful person who put others before herself. 

Q. What are your hopes for our future? 
A. To continue to expand the school.