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Heather Schoegler

Heather (Whitacre) SchoeglerHeather Schoegler
MKM Architecture + Design 

B.A. '02 - Media & Public Communications
M.S. - Organizational Leadership (Indiana Tech)

We asked Heather several questions about her career, how her education has helped her through the years, and what advice she has for current students. Spend 10 minutes, or less, with IPFW Mastodon, Heather Schoegler!

Q: How has your degree been beneficial to your career?
A: The fundamentals I learned through obtaining my IPFW degree are used daily. My career path started in traditional marketing roles, and I've grown by expanding my education and putting my skills into practice in new ways. However, without the strong foundation IPFW provided, I wouldn't have been able to succeed.

Q: How did you become interested in your field?
A: I began at IPFW and a Speech Education major. (A program no longer offered.) After taking my Intro to PR course with Larry Wardlaw, I quickly changed majors after being excited by the material and prospect of getting to do something that seemed less like "work" every day. I'm thankful Larry inspired this path!

Q: What is the best career advice you were given?
A: My first job out of college was for an organization that reported to a board of directors. The president of the board told me "network your way out of this job." It sounded strange at the time, but I've never forgotten it. Networking and growing my connections has not only benefited me, but also my entire network. Later, a future-boss shared Tim Sanders' book "Love is the Killer App" with me. By putting his theory of generosity in place professionally, I've been able to see equal success for those I've built relationships with through networking.

Q: What course(s) have you found to be most valuable in your professional life?
A: Besides the Intro to PR class that changed my career path, the two courses that have been the most valuable are Intro to Psychology as an elective and Steve Carr's Documentary and Experimental Film graduate course. Those might sound odd for what I do, but understanding a little bit of psychology and the "why" behind people's decisions help me be more successful as I work with teams and individuals. Steve Carr's film course, while not directly related to what I do every day professionally, taught me to think outside the traditional box. By seeing the imagination of the film makers and creating a sense of wonder when it came to producing the works, I'm able to take a step back when addressing a problem and try to examine it from a completely different angle. Often, that pause and challenge to rethink generates a better, more innovative solution that helps us fulfill our mission in a greater way.

Q: What would be your advice to someone who is considering IPFW?
A: IPFW was a great choice for me because it offered reasonable tuition compared to other schools I was considering. The professors were excellent and well respected in their field. As a returning adult, I think the evening class hours offer the flexibility needed. If I was a coming on campus, I'd certainly be excited about the apartment-style housing! I missed out on that a decade ago.

Q: What advice would you give to current IPFW students?
A: Dedicate yourself to the work. It's only a few short years but what you put into your course work now, will pay dividends for years.

Q: What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishments, both personally and professionally?
A: Personally, my greatest accomplishment is my family. Being a working mother can be a challenge, but our family does it through teamwork. That teamwork allowed me to return to school and obtain my Master's through an excelerated program that was quite challenging. Professionally, my greatest accomplishments happen every day as I work with others to fulfill Parkview's mission. Being recognized for the commitment and service with honors like a 40 Under 40 award and an Athena Award nomination are nice acknowledgements that I'm on the right track.

Q: Where do you hope to be in ten years?
A: Continuing to be a part of making this community the first choice for people to live, work and be well.

Q: How would you like to be remembered?
A: As someone generous with my time, talent and treasure and made the people around me successful.