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For New Employees and First-Time Travelers

Tips for New Employees and First-Time Travelers

IPFW uses Concur Travel & Expense to manage travel by University employees.  New employees and first-time travelers should review the information below before traveling.

Click here for the Travel Card Orientation slideshow.

Concur instruction guides are located in the Concur Reference section. Use the link to the left to access these materials. If you haven't yet applied for your travel card, follow the instructions below.

Step 1 - Apply for your Purdue Visa Travel Card

University employees who travel as part of their jobs may apply for a Purdue Visa Travel Card.  This card can is used in conjunction with the new Concur Travel & Expense web program to pay travel expenses.  Employees must have the approval of their department head to receive the card, and must sign a liability statement regarding its proper use. The card application is found at:


Visa Travel Card Agreement/Application and Financial Liability Agreement for Purdue University-Paid Employees


Visa Travel Card Agreement/Application and Financial Liability Agreement for Indiana University-Paid Employees


NOTE: You are not required to have a travel card; however, eligible employees who choose not to use the card will be required to pay their own travel costs and file for reimbursement after completion of their trips.

Step 2 - Activate Your Card

When you receive your card, call the toll-free number on the sticker affixed to the front of the card to activate it. IMPORTANT: You need to know the last 4 digits of your Purdue ID number when you call the bank. If you do not know your PUID, check the Employee tab on My IPFW.

Then follow the instructions with the card to make your card ready for ATM withdrawals.

Step 3 - Set up your Concur profile

When your card comes in, you will be contacted to meet with your business manager or someone in Accounting Services to set up your Concur profile. This process takes a bit of time, but only needs to be done once. The steps involved include:

1 - Log into Concur

    • Login with your Purdue credentials.(If you do not know your Purdue credentials, please contact the IT Services Help Desk.)


2 - Review your User Profile

3 - Activate e-receipts for your Purdue Visa Travel Card

    • E-receipt activation is done in your user profile, in the Other Settings section.  See the Concur reference for instructions.

Step 4 - Familiarize yourself with Concur

Use the Concur Reference materials (see the Concur Training link to the left) for instructions on how to book travel and complete travel requests and expense reports in Concur.

Step 5 - Familiarize yourself with your department's travel rules

Every department has its own rules about employee travel. Most departments limit reimbursement to employees from department funds.  Some require prior approval of department head before booking can occur. ALL international travel must be reviewed by the Director of International Education. Be sure you know what your department's rules are before you start incurring expenses for travel. 

Step 6 - Familiarize yourself with Purdue's Travel Policy and Procedures

Purdue has a well established travel policy.  To learn what sort of travel expenses the University will pay or reimburse, as well as rules and regulations regarding when travel is permitted and what funds may be used to pay for it, click on the Policy tab above.  The tab contains link to Purdue's policy, which covers travel by IPFW employees as well.