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Direct Payment Forms

These forms are used to make payments to individuals and companies where a purchase order is not issued.

Form DIV Direct Invoice VoucherFor payments without an associated purchase order. Requires Microsoft Excel 2007 or later; contains macros.Direct Debit Journal VoucherPrepared when making payments by wire transfer or foreign draft.  Must be accompanied by a Form 52A Request for Wire Transfers and Foreign Drafts, below. Requires Microsoft Excel 2007 or later.Form 52A Request for Wire Transfers and Foreign Drafts Prepared when making payments by wire transfer or foreign drafts. Must be accompanie by a Direct Debit Journal Voucher, above. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader.

Purchasing Card Forms

Forms for requesting purchasing cards and making changes to information on issued cards.

Payments to Individuals

General Forms

These forms are used when making payments to individuals only. They are submitted along with a Form DIV Direct Invoice Voucher

Human Subject Payments

For use in making incentive payments to human subjects in research studies.

Payments to Non-Resident Aliens

Payments to non-resident aliens are subject to a mandatory income tax withholding by the university. The forms below are for use when the non-resident alien payee is eligible for exemption from tax withholding. 

Scholarship, Prize and Award Payments to Students

Scholarship, Prize, and Award payments to students are generally processed by the Office of Financial Aid and disbursed by the Bursar's Office.  The forms below are for processing those payments.

Payments to Prospective Employees and New Hires

For reimbursement of interview expenses for prospective employees, and payment of moving allowances to new hires, where applicable.

Forms for New Vendors

Whenever the University pays a vendor for the first time, the vendor must provide an IRS Form W-9.  If the vendor is not incorporated, a Form PC Payee Certification is used.

Tax Exemption Forms

Cash Advance / Petty Cash Reimbursements

Promissory NoteUsed for Payroll Advances, Airline Ticket Advances, and research project one-time or revolving advances to employees.  Requires Adobe Reader or other PDF reader.

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