NamePositionPhone #Email Address
Diana Jackson Senior Business Manager 260-481-6618
David Reynolds Business Manager Student Affairs 260-481-0723
Amanda Barcus Account Clerk Student Affairs 260-481-0727
Susan Leist Business Manager Continuing Studies 260-481-6162
Vicki Hollinger Account Clerk Continuing Studies - Credit Programs 260-481-6649
Amy Tatman Account Clerk Continuing Studies - Enrollment/Revenue 260-481-5736
Anna Martin Account Clerk Continuing Studies - Training Outreach 260-481-6644
Allyson Schreiber Business Manager College of Arts and Sciences 260-481-6159
Vacant Account Clerk College of Arts and Sciences 260-481-6704
Tina Webber Business Manager Doermer School of Business/College of Education and Public Policy 260-481-0600
Patty Bodinka Account Clerk - BMS/School of Education and Public Policy 260-481-6071
Joe McKenna Business Manager Engineering, Technology and Computer Science/Organizational Leadership and Supervision/Health and Human Services 260-481-6938
Nedra Curry Account Clerk - ETCS/OLS/HHS 260-481-6381
Christina Egbert Business Manager Visual and Performing Arts 260-481-6959
Mary Anne Stailey Business Manager for Information Technology Services 260-481-6838
Steve George Assistant Director Physical Plant Fiscal Affairs 260-481-6622
Vacant Account Clerk Physical Plant 260-481-6791 
Tim Heffron Senior Associate Athletic Director 260-481-6645
Anita Foust Account Clerk Athletics 260-481-6033 
Dan Gebhart Contract Specialist/Business Manager Advancement 260-481-5788 
Shawn Peterson Business Manager VCAA/Enrollment Mgmt./Contract Analyst 260-481-6651
Justin Hull Post Award Manager= 260-481-0497