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Download PDF of Connections Expert Guide 2013
Connections: A Guide to IPFW Experts

IPFW is dedicated to generating knowledge and to sharing it. Connections is a directory of faculty and staff members who have agreed to serve as experts for the media.

In addition to experts, the guide includes speakers available to civic and community groups. This information is listed just below the contact information. In the front of this guide, there is an index by topic. Please use this as a starting point in your search for a speaker. To engage a speaker, call the person directly to discuss a meeting date, time, and location. Also discuss size of audience, meal arrangements, speech topic, approximate length of the speech, and audio-visual needs. Follow your own policies regarding payment. An honorarium recognizes the time, talent, and energy of the speaker. 

Note: If you have difficulty locating or contacting an expert, please contact the chief communications officer at 260-481-4174 or by emailing This office is most familiar with the availability of faculty or staff experts, as well as identifying the most appropriate person for a topic.