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December 04, 2012

IPFWs Graduate Program Highly Recognized by Digital Commons Network

Key Info

  • IPFW recognized as one of the most cited institutions by Digital Commons Network
  • Areas include biology, literature, and engineering
  • Papers written by IPFW graduate students

Rates IPFW as Most Cited University for November

FORT WAYNE, Ind.—Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) has been recognized as one of the most cited institutions with the Digital Commons Network (DCN) for the month of November.

The DCN “…brings together scholarship from hundreds of universities and colleges, providing open access to peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, working papers, conference proceedings, and other original scholarly work,“ according to its website. “This constantly growing body of publications is curated by university librarians and their supporting institutions, and represents thousands of disciplines and subject areas—from Architecture to Zoology.

IPFW was recognized in several areas:

  • Plant Breeding and Genetics, advisor Professor of Biology George Mourad.
  • American Literature, advisor Associate Professor of English Michael Kaufmann
  • Physiology, advisor Associate Professor of Biology Ahmed Mustafa
  • Physiology and Biodiversity, advisor Professor of Biology Bruce Kingsbury
  • Energy Systems, advisor Professor of Engineering Hosni Abu-Mulaweh

The specific works from Opus: Research & Creativity at IPFW ranked highly this month are:

  • Sara E. Miller (2012). Functional Characterization of Two Putative Nucleobase Transporters in Arabidopsis Using Heterologous Complementation in Yeast. View thesis ...
  • Yvonne W. Gicheru (2012). Biochemical and Kinetic Analysis of Arabidopsis Nucleobase Transport. View thesis ...
  • Jaron Elkins (2011). The Misery of Popularity: Stephen King in the Literature Classroom.
    View thesis ...
  • Md Sharif Abu-Hayat (2012). Understanding Physiological Responses and Development of Stress Biomarker from Tilapia Treated with Vitamin C During Chronic Stress Induced by Crowding. View thesis ...
  • Evin T. Carter (2012). Impacts of Invasive Plants on Resource Selection and Thermoregulation by the Northern Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen). View thesis ...
  • Ahmad M. Saleh (2012). Modeling of Flat-Plate Solar Collector Operation in Transient States. View thesis ...

George Mourad, IPFW director of Graduate Studies and professor of biology, said “The high quality of the research performed by our graduate students is evident by the large number of citations IPFW’s Master thesis received.”

Cheryl Truesdell, dean of the Helmke Library, which hosts Opus said, “This achievement not only promotes the goal of Opus to raise the academic profile of IPFW, but to move toward an open society where all can benefit from the collective wisdom of the world’s scholars and researchers.”

Mourad has more good news about IPFW’s graduate program. He and five of his graduate students collaborated on a research paper that was published last spring in a prestigious peer-reviewed international journal. Mourad said, “Since May, that paper has received a total of 58 citations (downloads), which is a very high citation index in a rather short period of time.” Here is the full citation: George Mourad, J Tippmann-Crosby, K A. Hunt, Y Gicheru, K Bade, T A. Mansfield, and N P. Schultes (2012). Genetic and molecular characterization reveals a unique nucleobase cation symporter 1 in Arabidopsis. FEBS Letters 586: 1370-1378. View research paper ...

To learn more about IPFW’s graduate programs contact Mourad at 260-481-5704 or  For more information on Opus, contact Truesdell at 260-481-6506 or