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March 09, 2012

Global Alliance Grows Membership

Key Info

  • Global Alliance for Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship (GATTE)
  • Eight additional universities in Taiwan added as members
  • Establishes network to stimulate northeast Indiana economy
  • Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship Summit planned for November 2012 in Taiwan to showcase Indiana technologies available for partnership
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Eight Additional Taiwan Universities Sign GATTE Agreement

FORT WAYNE, Ind.—The Global Alliance for Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship (GATTE) has grown in size with eight additional universities in Taiwan signing on to the agreement. Established in September 2011 with Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW), National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT), and local economic development community leaders, the partnership allows for the stimulation of economic development in northeast Indiana through the transfer and spin-off of technology developed through Taiwan’s university-based incubation centers.

In a ceremony in Taipei, Taiwan the following universities were added to the GATTE agreement:

  • Chung-Yuan Christian University (CYCU)
  • Feng-Chia University (FCU)
  • I-Shou University (ISU)
  • National Formosa University (NFU)
  • National Taipei University (NTPU)
  • National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)
  • Southern Taiwan University (STUT)
  • Taipei Medical University (TMU)

“The GATTE alliance enhances the mission of IPFW and takes it to the next level,” said Chancellor Wartell. “As a Carnegie Engaged University we are working globally to exchange knowledge and resources in a manner of partnership and reciprocity that impacts economic development for our region.”

Max Yen, dean of the College of Engineering, Technology and Computer Science (ETCS) at IPFW, helped to create the alliance which he says, “stimulates innovation in both regions.” The GATTE agreement has received much attention and support in Taiwan from academia, as well as government and industry which see an important economic link through the collaboration.

“Traditional university partnerships focus on teaching, and research,” said Yen. “But GATTE is a new dimension in that we are impacting economic development. Innovation keeps the economic engine running.”

The founding members of GATTE are continuing dialogue to develop organizational structure elements. The 1st Indiana–Taiwan Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship Summit which took place last September at IPFW has resulted in several proposals of business models pairing technology from Taiwan with investors in northeast Indiana. Those agreements are expected to be finalized this year.

“This innovative approach to creating investment in our region is gaining momentum,” said John Sampson, President and CEO of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership. “These new signatories to the GATTE agreement mean improved access to technologies for commercial market potential to be launched by entrepreneurs and manufacturers right here in Northeast Indiana.”

In addition, the next Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship Summit is planned for November 2012 in Taiwan, giving Indiana entrepreneurs a chance to bring their intellectual property and technologies to market in Taiwan and possibly develop lasting commercial partnerships.

“Our GATTE alliance continues to grow and gather momentum,” said Karl R. LaPan, president and CEO, Northeast Indiana Innovation Center. “GATTE will change the way technology licensing and transfer is done globally, making it easier and more seamless to create companies and source intellectual property in collaboration with university inventors.”

GATTE continues to have interest from other universities and partners in Taiwan. According to Yen, once an organizational structure is finalized the alliance may expand to other countries globally and even other states in the U.S.

For more information on GATTE, contact Max Yen at 260-481-6839 or