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  • 2012 IPFW Featured Faculty Stand for Excellence
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January 19, 2012

2012 IPFW Featured Faculty Stand for Excellence

Key Info

  • 2012 IPFW Featured Faculty
  • Talia Bugel, assistant professor of
  • SpanishTodor Cooklev, associate professor of wireless communication
  • John Hrehov, professor of fine art
  • Yifei Pan, professor of mathematics
  • 2012 Featured Faculty Lecture Series at noon, Fridays in February, Helmke Library, second floor
  • Downloadable photos

FORT WAYNE, Ind.—Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne’s (IPFW’s) 2012 Featured Faculty were formally introduced to the public at a news conference today (Jan. 19, 2012) at noon at the Alumni Center. IPFW Chancellor Michael A. Wartell noted that while “…we are proud of all our faculty and their respective teaching and research achievements, these four represent the top level of those faculty who are actively involved in research projects. Standing for excellence is much more than a theme for this group of scholars; it is how they feel about teaching every day in their classrooms and passing on knowledge to their students, as well as breaking new ground in their research areas.”

The 2012 IPFW Featured Faculty are:

  • Talia Bugel, assistant professor of Spanish
  • Todor Cooklev, associate professor of wireless communication
  • John Hrehov, professor of fine art
  • Yifei Pan, professor of mathematics

As part of their duties as a member of the Featured Faculty, each will present a lecture, beginning the first Friday of February in the Helmke Library, second floor, from noon to 1 p.m. The lectures are free and open to the public. The lecture dates and topics are:

  • Feb. 3: John Hrehov: “From Inspiration to Image: The Artwork of John Hrehov”
  • Feb. 10: Talia Bugel: “Foreign Languages, What Can We Do With Them”
  • Feb. 17: Todor Cooklev: “Modern Wireless Systems”
  • Feb. 24: Yifei Pan: “On Solvability of Partial Differential Equations”

The following are short biographical sketches of each Featured Faculty.

John Hrehov: John Hrehov has an eye for quality.

John came to IPFW in fall 1989 to teach for the Department of Fine Arts and is quick to praise the campus community. “I feel the support faculty have for their research makes IPFW a wonderful place to teach,” he says. “The university is very serious about research and has high standards in this area.”

A self-described painter, John’s work is frequently displayed in museums and galleries across the country and critiqued by national publications. He fondly recalls receiving an award from the prestigious National Academy in New York in 1992 as a highlight of his career in particular.

John is currently working on a series of charcoal drawings that render religious fables and domestic settings in modernity.

Education: Cleveland Institute of Art (B.F.A.), University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (M.F.A.)

Talia Bugel: Talia Bugel lives language.

Talia began teaching at IPFW in 2006. Much like language itself, her origins are rich and diverse; her first degree was in translation, with studies in French, Portuguese, and English. She has also worked with lexicography—the development of dictionaries—to develop bilingual dictionaries in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Additionally, Talia specializes in sociolinguistics—the study of how language evolves when it is used by people in their everyday life and how the influence of social events, like colonization and immigration, create changes in language—and language acquisition—or how people learn new languages. She has a particular interest in language attitudes and language policy, such as finding the reasons for student preferences for one language or another.

Talia relies on her wide breadth of experience when teaching Spanish translation at IPFW. “This is a service-learning class in which we work together with a community partner, Abbett Elementary, translating school materials and learning all we can about bilingualism and biculturalism in Fort Wayne,” she says.

“The purpose of my research is to make the teaching and learning of languages as effective as possible,” Talia says.

Education: Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil (M.A.), University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (Ph.D.)

Yifei Pan: Yifei Pan is searching for answers.

He came to IPFW in fall 1990 after receiving a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Michigan. He was mentored by Professor Tom Wolff of Cal Tech, who was a colleague of Bill Gates at Harvard. This mentorship inspired Yifei to search for solutions to some of the most challenging questions in advanced mathematics.

Yifei’s research focuses on the solvability of nonlinear partial differential equations. Typically, these equations describe the behavior of sound or heat, fluidity, and elasticity and carry diverse applications to a variety of fields, including physics, biology, and engineering.

His findings could open up new ideas and new research for many disciplines of science—and the scientific community has taken notice. Yifei has been invited to discuss his research with several research institutions.

Yifei cherishes the strong academic integrity of IPFW as he continues his research. “There are outstanding faculty who work very hard to produce first-rate research in their areas,” he says. “At the same time, they are outstanding teachers as well.”

Education: Jiangxi Normal University (B.S.), University of Michigan (Ph.D.)

Todor Cooklev: Todor Cooklev knows industry.

Todor came to IPFW in 2008, attracted by IPFW’s strong relationship with local industry and development. He specializes in electrical engineering with an emphasis on wireless communications, and chose northeast Indiana because of the opportunities to conduct cutting-edge research in his field.

He is currently hard at work on two projects, each with incalculable contributions to advancements in communications technology. With his first project, Todor seeks to develop new algorithms for broadband wireless systems to improve wireless communication. Additionally, he is developing a common language that will facilitate communication between radio systems that would otherwise be incompatible.

Todor’s investment in industry shows in his experience and his teaching. “In my career after graduate school, I worked in industry as an engineer before becoming a professor,” he says. “So I have experience doing research in both an industrial and academic setting. I have worked with people from many different backgrounds.”

“IPFW is a great place to work,” he says. “The atmosphere on campus is very positive and conducive to scholarly research.”

Education: Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria (Dipl. Eng. EE), Tokyo Institute of Technology (Ph.D.)

For more information about the 2012 Featured Faculty and the Featured Faculty Lecture Series and downloadable photos, visit the website, or contact Louise Teague, University Relations and Communications, at 260-481-6495 or