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February 10, 2017

Local Student Mathletes® to Compete in Math Contest at IPFW

FORT WAYNE, Ind.—Middle school Mathletes® from area schools will take part in the Chapter Level of the MATHCOUNTS® Competition Series Saturday, February 11. It will be held at the Walb Union Classic Ballroom on the Indiana University–Purdue University (IPFW) campus, 2101 E. Coliseum Blvd. The competition has been organized by the IPFW Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Approximately 30 students from four Fort Wayne schools will compete. The schools are Canterbury Middle School, Maple Creek Middle School, Summit Middle School, and Woodside Middle School.

Teachers and students have been preparing for the competition since the fall. Students will compete individually and as teams in written and fast-paced oral matches. Subjects include algebra, probability, statistics, and geometry. Winners will receive awards and will advance to the state level of the MATHCOUNTS competition, to be held at Purdue West Lafayette on Saturday, March 14. The 2017 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Championship will be held in Orlando, Fla., May 14–15.

MATHCOUNTS is a national program designed to improve math skills among U.S. students. The program focuses on middle school students, who are at a crucial stage in developing and sustaining math interest and ability. Students who do not begin developing strong problem-solving, logical thinking, and analytical abilities in middle school will face an uphill battle later in life if they wish to pursue a medical, scientific, mathematical, engineering, or technical career.

The entire 2017 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series will have approximately 40,000 students, representing more than 5,500 schools from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, U.S. territories, Department of Defense, and State Department-affiliated schools.

Raytheon Company is one of the sponsors both locally and nationally. Volunteers for this year’s chapter competition come from Raytheon, the IPFW Department of Mathematical Sciences, and IPFW alumni from Bell Techlogix of Indianapolis and Trine University Department of Mathematics.

The National Sponsors of MATHCOUNTS are Raytheon Company, Northrop Grumman Foundation, U.S. Department of Defense, National Society of Professional Engineers, CNA Foundation, Phillips 66, Texas Instruments Incorporated, 3M Foundation, Art of Problem Solving, and NextThought. MATHCOUNTS was founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and CNA Foundation.

Additional information on MATHCOUNTS is available at