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Project #mobileEDU

Project #mobileEDU

Project #mobileEDU

What Is Project #mobileEDU at IPFW?

In the Fall of 2010, Dr. William McKinney, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, challenged the IPFW faculty to re-think the job of a university as a part of AASCU’s Red Balloon Project.  In collaboration with the IPFW Senate, the Office of Academic Affairs launched the “Re-imagining IPFW’s Academic Future” project.

Higher education faces unprecedented challenges.  The simple fact is that most colleges and universities are built upon an 11th century monastic model, are tied to a 19th century agrarian calendar, and are being asked to educate 21st century leaders.  The Re-imagining project sponsored a series of open academic forums and continuing conversations in order to engage faculty and staff in an open and transparent process of re-examining IPFW’s academic future.   

It was out of one of these conversations that the IPFW Project #mobileEDU emerged.  Technology plays an increasingly transformative role in all of our lives. If the university is to be an effective agent for educating 21st century students, these technologies and the opportunities they present must be part of the Re-imagining process.

IPFW Project #mobileEDU pulls together 60 faculty members, over 12% of the full-time faculty, into a cohort where they have the opportunity work together, across disciplines, to exchange ideas, and to provide support for the collective as each member explores the topic area(s) or ideas as they relate to the use of mobile technology—in this case, specifically the Apple iPad2. It is designed to support cross-discipline collaboration in the use of this technology as well as to provide feedback and suggestions as to the next steps IPFW should take as it relates to tablet/iPad technologies in support of teaching, learning and research.

Join us throughout the 2011-2012 academic year on the web, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr as this group of talented faculty members explore how mobile computing can help IPFW to re-imagine its academics future.