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  1. I think the concept of Multi-Term registration may be something that could benefit IPFW with respect to graduating students in 4 years or less by allowing them to sign up for Fall, Spring and Summer of the academic year all at once. Obviously, they would not have to pay for the tuition until the regular payment due dates for the respective semester, but it would allow a student to plan out their entire academic year at one time. Cleveland State has recently implemented this system :

    Submitted 9/11/2014

  2. Have we as a university reviewed our overall policies for consistency? For example the +/- grade scale is used very inconsistently, and sometimes out of the bounds of the recommendations from the Education Policy Committee. I.e. in their interpretation of the scale the EPC created a memo (available through the Registrar's Office) stating the grade scale was to be used for GPA purposes only, and not for department requirements. I've had a number of students earn C- who have been told to repeat those courses. This is in direct contradiction to the stated EPC interpretation, and is only one example of how different departments choose or choose not to follow policy. Are obstacles like these hurting our retention? Have advisors/staff who are aware of these issues being consulted to remove barriers for students? Holds, confusing housing contracts, hours being charge in a range 12-16 instead of per credit hour, and many more!

    Submitted October 1, 2014

  3. Whether we end up with Indiana or remain with Purdue, we should consider centralizing our processes with the main campuses. This would reduce staff cost and improve efficiency in areas like human resources, business services, financial aid, registrar, marketing, IT and institutional research by moving the processing aspects to the main campus.

    Submitted October 10, 2014

  4. Adopt 360 staff assessment as previously suggested. The reasons not to do it on the Q&A page comes off as excuses. IPFW needs to quit responding to the concerns of 20% and do what is best for the organization. If you are a hard worker who supports the mission of the university - a 360 assessment would be beneficial.

    Submitted October 10, 2014

  5. We have at least 10 classes (some are co-op) that are offered at 0 credit hours. The students in these classes pay no tuition, yet consume faculty/staff time and resources. How do we hold the students accountable for performance if the credit hours are 0? Why not assign some credit hours to generate some tuition to offset expenses. This would also allow for a pass/fail grade for the student.

    Submitted October 10, 2014            

  6. Let's talk food on campus. A cafeteria has been mentioned many times over the years, however it's been said to always be contracted out. Why not have a cafeteria owned by the university and possibly maintained by the Hospitality Management Program? Let students work it, run it, and get that experience. Business majors could assist in the book keeping and management. Consumer and Family Services can review the nutritional value of what is offered. Let's incorporate it into our academic programs. Then the university can set hours and even have shortened hours at least for times when there are no students on campus giving faculty/staff and student workers a food option during breaks when there is not a large student population on campus.
    Also, it would most likely set many incoming freshman parents' minds at ease to know we have a real cafeteria rather than only offering their student fast food options. I know this has come up many times, but let's face it, we are not a commuter campus anymore. We are currently offering high price fast food options instead of assisting students with well balanced food options at a fair price. I know money is always an issue, but we are already spending money on the contracts with the fast food options, let's filter than money into something better and more healthy for the students & faculty/staff.

    Submitted October 15, 2014

  7. We need to sell our licensed products in stores outside of the bookstore and the one college store at the mall. As an alumnus and staff member, it is very disheartening to see Purdue, Indiana, Butler, etc. merchandise sold all over Fort Wayne, when IPFW is not represented.

    Submitted February 4, 2015

  8. General and staff officers for IPFW have seen a 12.8% increase in salary in the 5 year period since 2009. The number of faculty earning over $100,000 annually has more than doubled in the same five year period. Clerical staff have seen a salary increase of 4.5% since 2009. The national cost of living increase since 2009 is 8.5%. So our clerical salaries are worth 4% less than they were in 2009. Purdue has raised our health premiums and is taking away our sick days. Clerical staff at IPFW need to unionize. Our voice obviously isn't being heard as it stands. It will be in a union.

    NOTE:  The source for these figures was not provided and are not verified.  If you have questions about this data, Please contact Kirk Tolliver at

    Submitted March 1, 2015

  9. To encourage good stewardship of the general operating fund, release all positive 6/30 balances back to the balance sheet of the fund for prioritized reallocation by USAP, University Budget Committee, or the Faculty Senate Budgetary Affairs Subcommittee. Cover all 6/30 negative balances by non-recurring reduction of the department's new year General Fund budget.

    Submitted March 7, 2015 by Philip Davich

  10. I noticed a nursing student post involvement in a code situation which is extremely private. I would suggest further training on HIPPA and patient confidentiality. 

    Submitted by a student, April 15, 2015