University Strategic Alignment Process

Year 2 Report (2015-16)

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This report is submitted on behalf of the 24 Task Force members of the University Strategic Alignment Process (USAP) in hopes of providing direction in achieving the goals of the campus strategic plan, Plan 2020. Contained in this report are important recommendations for making IPFW a stronger metropolitan campus.

Report & Recommendations

Responses to the 2015-16 report should be directed to  All feedback will be shared with the chancellor and vice chancellors.  Editorial changes made to the original report can be found here.

Unit-Level USAP Reports

USAP Reports were submitted for 117 individual units and are available here for your review.

Feedback from Task Force to USAP Reports

Committed to advancing IPFW’s mission, the task force worked within a short timeframe to review and evaluate 117 reports.  Based on feedback from the campus community received last year, the team made every effort to provide more detailed comments about report and metrics.  The feedback focuses on alignment to the rubric that was embedded into the report. Every attempt was made to be clear and consistent across all evaluations. Evaluations reflect the individualistic style of the working group assigned to each report and suggestions are included for further review and discussion where applicable.  Evaluations are available here for your review.

USAP Goals 

One hundred and seventeen units across campus reported more than 400 goals, focused on achieving the goals outlined in Plan 2020.  The development of this year’s USAP report by the Information Analytics & Visualization Center, created a streamlined data capture system that provided data analysis capabilities that enhanced the process, and provided detailed and useful information about our strategic alignment efforts.  Multiple reports have been generated that compile the information from each individual USAP report in a variety of ways:

Data Visualization used in Analysis

Information about the visualization of  academic performance metrics can be found here.