University Strategic Alignment Process

Action Plan 41

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dear Campus Community,

As you will recall, two years ago we initiated the University Strategic Alignment Process as a forward-thinking study focused on our future, enhancing our ability to make strategic decisions to allocate resources according to the priorities identified in Plan 2020. During these two years, more than 30 faculty and staff served as task force members. These representatives of our campus community devoted countless hours to developing processes for and assessing progress toward the goals of Plan 2020 and developing a set of recommendations (41 in all) which was distributed to the campus community on May 6, 2016. I thank them again for their commitment to the process, but more importantly, their work to strengthen our campus and position it for a successful future.

As I communicated in May with the release of the task force's report and recommendations, the vice chancellors and I would develop a proposed plan of action [PDF]over the summer in response to the recommendations. That plan is attached and is being distributed to all faculty, staff and students for review and comment. The vice chancellors and I welcome your input and any alternative recommendations you many have to better align our resources with the goals of Plan 2020.

Each of the 41 recommendations [PDF] is listed with one or more actions or steps designed to address and/or implement the recommendation and designation of the responsible division.

The vice chancellors and I have attempted to be as specific as possible in developing the actions or steps, however, you may find some sets of actions are more or less detailed than others. Also, some recommendations are more complex and will require consultation, discussion, and additional planning. Alternatively, a number of recommendations are already in process or can easily and readily be addressed.

Please be reminded that a plan will be finalized by December 31, 2016, with implementation beginning in 2017.

The respective responsible vice chancellor/unit/division will develop timelines for accomplishment of actions and may, as consultation occurs, identify additional actions that need to be taken.

Please provide your input by September 30 via or directly to the respective vice chancellor/chancellor identified as the responsible entity for the recommendation(s).

Thank you. We look forward to your input.

Vicky L. Carwein