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Willis Family Bridge

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The pedestrian bridge across Crescent Avenue connecting the main campus with student housing was dedicated on September 16, 2003. It was named after Don Willis, entrepreneur in residence at IPFW's school of business and management science. The dedication included Mr. And Mrs. Willis crossing the bridge with 20 preschool children from the IPFW child care center. The triangular design, by Kurt Heidenreich, was necessitated by the need to cross both Crescent Ave. and an area of uneven terrain. The pedestrian bridge is 250 feet long and 14 feet wide. The peak stands 105 feet above Crescent Ave. The bridge is only the second in the united States that is structured on two pylons with four support cables. The original cost of the bridge was $2,300,000.
Sources:  IPFW Insights (October 2003), p. 1; The Communicator (September 17, 2003); Stepping-Stones; a Self-Guided Walking Tour.

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