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A trom (temporary removable office module) was a trailer-like building of approximately 24 by 40 feet.  Each had its own heating and cooling system and restroom. Troms were leased initially for three years from Midwest Division of Speedspace Corp. at a cost of $85,072. An additional $5,550 was expended for preparing the site and another $5,000 for landscaping. The purpose was to accommodate the enrollment that had grown from 3,100 students in 1964 to 6,000 in 1969.  The units were used as classrooms and offices.  The first TROMs were erected for use in September, 1969, and the last one was removed in 1982 to its new Magnavox Inudstrial Park home.  Students gave them names such as, Tin Roof Over Mistakes, Top Ranking Old Men, Two Rows of Milksheds, Thoroughly Ridiculous Office Means, The Results of Miscalculations and This Residence Offers Misery.
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