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IPFW Alumni Distinguished Service Award

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IPFW Alumni Distinguished Service Award

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The award is given for outstanding service to IPFW and/or the alumni association and the recipient must be an IPFW graduate. Recipients: 1990, Rebecca L. Teagarden; 1991, Linda Scott; 1992, Gary Jerep; 1993, Michael A. Snyder; 1994, Brenda Pease Fishbaugh; 1995, Marsha Heller; 1996, Steven M. Souers; Thomas Alan Harris; 1998, Patty Weddle; 1999, Ralph Crowe; 2000, Dean Stanley; 2001, Dr. Richard Kelty and Robert Francis Palevich; 2002, Mary Suzon Motz; 2003, Carol Sternberger; 2004, Randy Borror.

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