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Alumni Citation Award

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The award (first granted in 1990) is given for achievement, service, or contribution that reflects honor upon the university. The recipient must be an IPFW graduate.  Recipients:  1990, James R. Hansen and Richard Jantz; 1991, William Briggs; 1992, William Lynn; 1993, Anne B. Hoover; 1994, Oscar J. Underwood, Jr.; 1995, Patricia Smallwood; 1996, Cynthia PennAmber; 1997, Betty K. Tonsing; 1998, Thomas M. Bartholomy; 1999, John Okeson; 2000, Linda Buskirk; 2001, Deborah McMahan; 2002, Nancy Louraine; 2003, Thomas Blume; 2004, Kathy Carrier.

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