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IPFW Alma Mater

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IPFW Alma Mater

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The premiere performance of the IPFW Alma Mater was at the 2004 Commencement held on May 12. Several individuals contributed to the creation of the IPFW Alma Mater: Morton Achter composed music and lyrics, Adrian Mann wrote the arrangement for band, and revisions were made by an IPFW faculty editorial committee which included Joyanne Outland, chair; Stevens Amidon; Linda Balthaser; Lowell Beineke; Jeanette Clausen; Arthur Friedel; Donald Katter; and Richard Ramsey. Department of Music faculty edited the music. From St. Joseph's peaceful waters
To the arbored fields beyond,
Alma mater's sons and daughters
Hold memories so fond. Like a river's flow enduring
And our future's hope assuring,
So Indiana and Purdue
Combine a vision true. Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne
Oh blue and white,
Our hearts unite
to hold in sight
a future bold and bright. Alma mater, our guide you remain.
Oh white and blue,
For strength anew,
And hopes come true.
We thank and honor you. Source: Commencement 2004 program

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