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Perhaps the most well-remembered event in the history of IPFW, the book walk took place over a period of two days September 20-21, 1972. Library Director and associate librarian, Roger Miller, organized students, staff, administrators, campus and community organizations to volunteer to carry books from the old library in Kettler Hall to the new Walter E. Helmke Library. Mr. Miller had previous experience relocating library collections and his organization and supervision of the project saved the university an estimated $10,000. The Chancellor and other administrators led the kick-off parade at 8 a.m. followed by the Concordia Lutheran High School marching band, campus cheerleaders and others. The dental auxiliary students marched in their uniforms. Student body president, Brock Able, carried an armload of books on his wheelchair. Circle K members pushed their books in a bathtub. 85,000 books were moved the first day. Rivalry to see who could carry the most books developed among the 67 student organization and groups that volunteered. Roger Montgomery from Circle K completed 75 round trips. Buttons were distributed. 11,000 trips were made by volunteers walking a total of 5,500 miles.
Source: Current (September 1992), pp. 21-23.

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